Current IT Management Challenges Facing IT Teams In India

Steven King, Senior Director, Sales Engineering, Global Sales Enablement & Professional Services, Ipswitch

1. Technology has become much more fluid and changes more rapidly. IT management must evaluate the organizational value each technology offers to determine when and if it is a good fit. What are some similar challenges in IT management faced by the IT teams in India?

Regardless of whether it is in India or any other country, technology is changing rapidly with the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Architecture and infrastructure and the IT organizations are challenged to keep up with the maintenance and management of this Infrastructure. But why India stands out is that although there is a lot of change happening, IT organizations have to keep up with these changes with limited resources.

2.  Based on your experience how would you suggest going about addressing and mitigating those challenges faced by the IT teams of the Indian enterprises/organizations?

The Indian market has a plethora of tools to choose from to consolidate, manage and maintain their IT processes. But instances like downtime make it impossible to carry out this consolidation effectively. This is where solutions like WhatsUp Gold come into action. Solutions like these are efficient in not only monitoring and managing disparate types of technologies, but also are capable of battling any IT issues that may crop up, thus supporting IT departments to excel in their SLAs.

3. Tell us about the particular pain points that Ipswitch addresses and how are your operations helping?

We excel in making complex IT solutions into simpler, easy to use, deploy and implement solutions that are able to handle the more grueling challenges that are available today. Our solutions help IT organizations to become more efficient while giving them the ability to respond in real-time to the changes that the IT
sector demands.

4. Ever since the mainframe days, we have seen wave after wave of innovation in the IT operations and service management tools space. What is the present buzz in this space?

There is an increasing trend in the IT management space to consolidate IT process down to a series of tool sets that can not only manage the architecture today but are also flexible to meet any and all of the challenges that they might face tomorrow. And solutions like WhatsUp Gold 2017 is literally IT re-imagined. It is a complete paradigm shift in how organizations are going to maintain and manage their infrastructure.

5. Talking about India, describe the potential opportunities in India for vendors like Ipswitch. According to your years of experience, how responsive the India market is towards such service providers?

The Indian market is very responsive to the Ipswitch product since many years and the graph is not going to drop anytime soon. Thanks to our go-to-market with our value added service providers, we enjoy quite a stable ecosystem that enables us to assist with rapid implementation and deployment of our solutions. Moreover, we see significant growth opportunity in the Indian market and are excited in making some serious investments here.