Eastern Software Systems: Responding to Business Challenges with Affordable and Web-based ERP Softwa

CIO Vendor Today, every small and large organization is hungry for proven solutions that can fulfill its entire IT infrastructure need to streamline operations and improve their customers’ experience to drive growth. Owing to the business complexity, ERP has been considered the most popular business management systems, providing benefits of real-time capabilities and communications for large as well as small enterprises. However, not all ERP software and related service/solution providers can provide the same benefits. The cost of maintenance and implementation lurking around ERP’s is still a major key concern for many CIOs. In addition, the organizations are grappling to fulfill the needs of design, implementation and maintenance of Networking, Security and Access Control. To help organizations in avoiding costly mistakes, Eastern Software Systems, headquartered in Noida, provides web based ERP software - EBiz frame that helps organizations to achieve integration of different business processes across various Business functions within the organization at an affordable cost. Additionally, it provides IT outsourcing services, enabling comprehensive IT infrastructure management including availability, manageability and performance on a 24x7 basis for hardware, software, peripherals, networks, web space and custom applications. “Affordability has been our key strength since our inception. ESS offers great value not only in terms of technology and features but also in the form of perhaps the lowest TCO (Total cost of ownership) amongst the competing players”, says Sanjay Agarwala, Co-founder and MD at ESS.

The most common reasons cited regarding deferment of ERP systems are limited functionality, customization and hefty amounts demanded from vendors. Due to these, companies are not able to realize the advantages of an ERP even after spending sizable sums for deploying it. To help ensure ERP implementation is a success, ESS has designed ebizframe in such a way that it can easily be configured to meet the diverse tailoring needs of Businesses and withstand significant customizations.

Coupled with functionality and implementation expertise running into 20+ industry verticals, ebizframe automates business processes while enriching the organization with alternate business practices. “Ebizframe is ideal because it is value for money with great expertise in small and medium businesses worldwide”, explains Sanjay. The time and cost involved in ERP implementation and its license policy often scare SMEs for opting ERP despite of huge benefits. Ebizframe’s flexible license and deployment policy is easy to understand, hassle-free and affordable. “Our unique and cost effective licensing as well as implementation methodologies ensures very high ROI for our clients. Clients can start getting measurable benefits from Ebizframe within a few weeks of project commencement”, says Sanjay.
In addition, Ebizframe is based on SOA(Services Oriented Architecture) framework which makes the Software lighter, easily configurable, faster to implement and easy to interface with other applications.

Coupled with functionality and implementation expertise running into 20+ industry verticals, ebizframe automates business processes while enriching the organization with alternate business practices

Along the same lines, organizations are seeking realizable benefits from their IT infrastructure based investments. Whether it is a local retail store/small trading set up to a giant manufacturing unit, every single business requires a robust IT infrastructure to run it efficiently and enable it to serve its customers better. However, owing to the increasing Business complexity, major outsourcing service providers deliver IT solutions which are domain specific and complex to be handled by organizations themselves. As a result it makes it virtually impossible for the non-IT Business leaders to focus on handling aspects to enable efficient IT Infrastructure decisions. Addressing this quagmire, the company ESS ensures that its customers get the best advice and inputs to leverage technology quickly, efficiently and with an eye on their future. “Our advice focuses on how to use IT as a strategic growth tool and not merely as a Business enabler. We provide strategizing, planning and management of Client’s complete IT infrastructure. This frees up Senior Management’s time from the IT decisions so that they can concentrate on their core business”, articulates Sanjay.

ESS outsourcing services cover major areas of IT infrastructure needs including Auditing existing IT hardware and Software Infrastructure, Infrastructure enhancement planning and procurement advisory based on the company’s budget, Application delivery, ongoing maintenance & support and website management.

ESS believes in expanding its network of services by building relationship with its end users while ensuring that every user of IT services is being benefitted in terms of continuously improving efficiencies and work practices. The fervent management team at ESS is actively engaged in ensuring IT as an enabler rather than focusing on it as a support. Riding high on success, the company is taking its product globally in African and Middle East markets. Ebiz frame being an Indian product is a now a globally acclaimed ERP, and has found success in diverse markets with a wide range of Businesses of all sizes and verticals. With a vision to transform the users’ businesses, ESS looks forward to get stronger against the existing competition from Local Indian companies and the global giants.