Kongsberg Digital: Delivering Next-Generation Digital Solutions to the Technology-Heavy Industries

CIO Vendor The business landscape is an ever changing and dynamic one. With the fourth industrial revolution, businesses across verticals are benefitting from the advantages of quick information, reduced overhead costs, enhanced turnaround time and more. Enterprises are striving to transform digitally to gain a competitive edge. However, while catching up with current technology trends, the factors of brand value, competitive throughput, customer retention are not the only determinants of a successful organisation. One of the most undervalued ingredients is the organisational culture.

Kongsberg Digital, a part of the Norwegian headquartered Kongsberg Group, carries forth the group’s rich legacy and a culture of over two centuries of innovation and domain expertise. Kongsberg Group has been instrumental in driving several industrial transformations, evolving from a weapons factory in the Scandic region to standing strong as a global technology provider in defence, aerospace, merchant marine, oil and gas and renewable and utilities sectors. Strengthened by a highly skilled workforce of over 500, Kongsberg Digital brings in competencies in leading technologies of IoT, smart data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous operations. The company delivers next-generation software and digital solutions to globally vital industries of maritime, oil and gas, and renewables and utilities sectors to help them in their digital transformation.

Open and Innovation-driven Ecosystem
Prompted by the firm’s appetite for innovation and the aim to benefit organisation with the best, Kongsberg Digital has developed the industrial cloud-based platform – Kognifai. “Kognifai has been created as an open and innovation-driven ecosystem that simplifies and optimizes business processes across industries. The platform aims to facilitate collaboration between developers, businesses, and even industries by providing users a full overview of the operations instead of a fragmented picture from several sources. Cyber security, artificial intelligence and data integrity is at the core of this ecosystem,” says Deepak Kumar Swain, Director at Kongsberg Digital, India.

Digitalizing the Oil and Gas Industry
Kongsberg Digital brings in an exhaustive array of solutions that meets the real-time drilling, process simulation and flow assurance needs of one of the most dominating industries of the globe- the Oil and Gas Industry. The drilling solutions at Kongsberg Digital delivers accurate information at all stages of well construction while significantly reducing health and safety issues. Process simulations delivered by the firm enhance efficiency in all project phases while again reducing cost and time consumption. The advanced transient multiphase flow simulators make the process of transportation of oil and gas from reservoir to processing facilities safe, economic and environment friendly.
In line with the Oil and Gas industry’s focus on digitalization, Kongsberg Digital is currently working to bridge the gaps in drilling operations value chain. Deepak Kumar Swain further elaborates, “We offer integrated solutions with third-party application that enhances decision-making through advanced analytics, situational awareness and planning solutions all of which is integrated with our data aggregation solution and is enabled by our digital platform, Kognifai.” Irrespective of whether it is quick drilling or complex operations where high-level service is required, the data delivered is quick, quality rich and reliable.

Kognifai has been created as an open and innovation-driven ecosystem that simplifies and optimizes business processes across industries

Bringing Automation and Analytics to Renewables and Utilities Sector
The renewables and utilities segment is yet another vertical which is especially benefitted from Kongsberg Digital’s expertise in automation, analytics and sensors. The firm has also developed a turbine independent decision support system, Kongsberg EmPower. Integrated for onshore and offshore wind and hydro turbines, the solution features performance monitoring capabilities which monitors assets and KPIs on real-time basis while also facilitating identification of underperforming turbines. The conditional monitoring feature monitors the technical integrity of turbines and provisions early detection of faults while enabling operators to initiate appropriate actions before faults get severe. Kongsberg EmPower further helps manage the power production forecasting under dynamic wind condition. Finally, the offerings are topped with the solution’s ability to schedule and plan maintenance.

Solutions for Maritime Industry
Simulations play an important role in the maritime industry, meeting the technological, financial and training needs while also reducing accidents. Kongsberg’s K-Sim is a proven solution which brings in the ability to accommodate everything from standard STCW training to emergency preparedness. Students and crew can choose to train under any condition and situation until they gain the expertise to drive a vessel safely and economically while significantly bringing down accidents.

Exciting Opportunities Ahead
In one of the recent ventures, Kongsberg Digital has involved in autonomous vessels and recently launched a new test-bed for autonomous vessels which can be expected to heavily transform the maritime industry. The firm is further exploring opportunities to optimise logistics operations within the oil and gas industry. Kognifai will be the key in achieving this goal. Last but not the least, the utilities market is another domain where the Kongsberg Digital has carved out a niche for its digital technologies and advanced analytics. In close tandem to the culture of innovation that reigns supreme, Kongsberg Digital can be expected to stay at the forefront of technology and continue transforming businesses globally.