Simplify360: Translating Social Data into Sustainable Customer- Centric Social CRM Strategies

CIO Vendor The means of communication and social interactions have completely transformed today with the advent of Online Social Networks (OSN), and this in turn has significantly impacted the relationship mechanisms between companies and their customers. Consequently, a new approach to perform Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has emerged in the form of Social CRM which has paved new alleyways for companies to amplify and enhance their customer engagements. As a strategic CRM tool, Social CRM brings organizations a slew of opportunities to enrich their traditional CRM practices with a 360 degree view of customers, an extended reach with a faster response time, enhanced customer loyalty, faster market turnaround and increased revenues. However, these opportunities are sometimes outweighed by complexities that arise in creating relevant posts, gathering and sifting through incoming consumer data from ever-growing social channels, and translating the social market data into customer-centric strategies. Recognizing these challenges, Bangalore based Simplify360 endeavors to resolve them through sustainable customer-centric social CRM strategies with real-time customer service.

Founded in 2009, Simplify360 caters to integrated social enterprise solutions for large organizations across diverse industry verticals such as Telecom, Retail, Media, FMCG, and internet-based companies. The company specializes in offering modules and functionalities which have been designed to help businesses adopt, understand and grow with social CRM. With a host of features such as traditional CRM integration, Email Workflow, Social Chat, Unified Workflow, Real-time performance dashboards, third party CRM integration and Single Customer View, Simplify360 equips organizations with an end to end solution to manage social interactions, along with a modular system to make the platform more adaptable to organizations of different sizes. “In an ever evolving social media landscape, we strive to keep our customers well versed with the ongoing changes through adopting new sites, features and functionalities from our end. Our solutions are also designed to be simple, accessible and easy-to-use to help organizations transition to Social CRM more effortlessly,” affirms Rohit Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Simplify360.

Effectuating Optimal Customer Interactions for Brands
With Customer Care and Community Management being the company’s strong suits, Simplify360 believes that every good customer interaction begins with routing the conversation to the right person at the right time. To bring this about, the company follows a three-step approach that begins with Smart Routing and Case Attachment to ensure that conversations are always routed to the person that is adequately equipped to handle it. This is followed by Customer Profiling and History, where the platform furnishes the brand with the complete knowledge of their customer, including all the customer’s previous interactions with the brand.
The final part of the process involves Multiple Touch Point Integration, where Simplify360 can be integrated with in-house CRM systems, campaign management tools and multiple other touch points, thereby allowing an organization/brand to know and understand their customers completely. The platform also includes a module with industry proven priority algorithms, which has been built to assign case priority based on multiple parameters and thus ensure that the right message gets the highest priority and attention. Further, in an attempt to help organizations maximize their customer loyalty and satisfaction, Simplify360’s solution equips its users with a comprehensive view of customer interactions across multiple social channels as well as direct communication support mediums such as email or chat.

The product allows organizations to segment and analyze their customers as detractors, critics, influencers and loyalists, while also working with brands to help them build customer scores that are specific to their business models and requirements. Furthermore, Simplify360’s platform allows its users to segment their target customers on the basis of criteria such as age group, gender and emotions, as well as categories spanning across 30 demographic and psychographic data points, to attain specific information with respect to customer preferences and behavior. While the amount of customer information available within the CRM, POS or Lead Management systems of an organization is usually limited to what he/she has provided, Simplify360 works on merging this information with the available social data, to understand the customer at a whole different level. “We believe that this approach can be used to enrich marketing strategies to target the right audience and help organizations effectuate the right kind of customer engagements,” adds Rohit.

The company specializes in offering modules and functionalities which have been designed to help businesses adopt, understand and grow with social CRM

Since its inception, Simplify360 has gained extensive expertise in the Social CRM domain and has assisted several brands and enterprises across the India and US, in their Social Media journey. The company has also established significant partnerships and associations in the APAC region and has gained a far reaching customer base that spans across over a 100 countries. Leveraging this expertise, Simplify360 has been focused on enhancing its existing product to help more enterprises adopt Social Media and go digital more easily. The company also intends to incorporate new technology trends such as AI driven data scientists and Machine Learning into its product conceptualization, to bring more innovative deliveries into the Social CRM landscape in the years to come.