Shivam Medisoft Services: Driving Paperless Healthcare Practices with a Comprehensive HMS Suite

CIO Vendor Technology has become increasingly important in the healthcare industry with recent technological advancements bringing more efficiency to healthcare facilities of all sizes and creating a positive impact on hospital administrators and patient treatments. Healthcare facilities everywhere are employing hospital management and analytics systems to attain easy access to patient data, improve their patient care, reduce the scope of errors and create a cost-effective and efficient way to carry out administrative operations. However, despite the wide-ranging benefits of Hospital Information Management, the implementation of these systems is often accompanied by concerns related to the user training, customization of the software to the hospital practices, and compliance with industry standards.

Furthermore, with the government mandated the need for security and massive amounts of sensitive data generated, the healthcare industry encounters significant challenges in effectively implementing these solutions in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape. Recognizing these challenges and addressing them, Secunderabad, Telangana headquartered Shivam Medisoft Services Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to transform hospital environments through creating paperless practices with its hospital management solutions.

Established in 2002, Shivam Medisoft has been partnering with hospitals and offering innovative solutions to automate their key processes including clinical, financial and operational management. Leveraging the passion and dedication of a skilled team of professionals with extensive expertise in their respective fields, the company designs successful strategies that incorporate upcoming technologies, to deliver affordable healthcare and benefit hospitals across emerging markets.

“As a single product company with its core competence in the business of Hospital IT Solutions, Shivam Medisoft has been dedicated to bringing automation and effective operations management across hospitals in India,” affirms Jaikishan Ramakrishnan, CEO, Shivam Medisoft Services. “Our product frameworks not only provide enhanced customer satisfaction through delivering a higher ROI but are also paving the way for paperless clinical environments across the country,” he goes on to add. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio includes solutions for Hospital Management, Hospital Information Software, Electronic Medical Records, E-Prescription, Electronic Health Records, Online Reporting, and Mobile Apps.

Managing the Entire Chain of Healthcare Delivery
With an objective to cover the management requisites of the entire chain of healthcare delivery from small clinics to multispecialty hospitals, Shivam Medisoft equips the industry with its flagship product- Neosoft.
This HMS framework has been designed to manage the numerous operations of a hospital including the Maintenance of patients’ medical records from registration until discharge, Stock, Financial Accounting Modules and other supporting functions. As a unique framework design with a complete set of modules available within a single solution, this platform allows organizations the flexibility to have customized web-native functions with superior clinical, financial and operational outcomes. The HMS application also comes with a fully integrated ERP to cater to all the financial operations of a hospital including accounting and HR, as well as a task management module that incorporates TVs and the Bubbles Software to enhance a hospital’s brand image. “Through equipping doctors, nurses and the front office with Mobile Apps and TABs, as well as updating status information on the TV sets linked to the HMS, Shivam’s Neosoft enhances the brand image of the hospital and makes them conspicuous in their relevant circle,” adds Jaikishan.

Shivam Medisoft has been dedicated to bringing automation and effective operations management across hospitals in India

Neosoft also serves as an open-source software that allows clients to develop reports and forms, thereby eliminating dependence on software application providers as well as exorbitant investments in software licenses. Additionally, Shivam Medisoft also furnishes healthcare practices with its customized EMR solutions to help them successfully transition to paperless operations. With apps for Doctors and Patients, modules for Doctor Information System, Auto Prescriptions and DMOs, as well as software dedicated to specific departments of medicine, this solution allows doctors to view their Outpatient appointments and Inpatient Clinical data. Moreover, the EMR also allows doctors to approve Clinical Laboratory and Radiology Reports through their mobile apps, which is further reflected in the central HMS and Patients’ applications. Through aiding healthcare specialists in performing actions related to medical investigations, prescriptions, uploading of related clinical images and videos, and referral of patients to other doctors, this application eliminates the need for repetitive manual re-entries and allows doctors and nurses additional time to serve and attend to their patients.

Increased Profitability
Since its inception, Shivam Medisoft has experienced a steady growth trajectory in the healthcare domain and has over the years procured an esteemed clientele that includes Maharaja Agrasen Hospital in New Delhi, Patel Hospital in Jalandhar, Bhagirathi Neotia in Kolkata, and Park Hospital in Gurgaon, to name a few. Leveraging its diverse industry expertise and in-depth customer understanding, the company hopes to enhance its product portfolio and attain increased profitability in the next five years. Shivam Medisoft also hopes to expand its client base across India in the upcoming future.