3SC: Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility With AI Driven Data-Centric Approach

CIO Vendor As businesses continue to implement tech-driven data analytics solutions to get meaningful insights in order to improve the operational efficiency of the entire supply chain, the supply chain analytics market is seeing new heights. The global supply chain analytics market size is expected to reach USD 9,875.2 million by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 16.4 percent between 2019 -2025, suggests a report by Grand View Research. Ever increasing data in the supply chain, coupled with the growing complexities has led to widespread adoptions of supply chain analytics solutions, across various industries irrespective of size of the organisation. However, majority of businesses fail to derive insights from the abundant data of the supply chain to facilitate their decision making and boost supply chain efficiency owing to lack of visibility into the supply chain and not following data-centric approach in the implementation. The data is only as advantageous as we make use of it; transformation of raw and unstructured information into a structured and meaningful data, which requires domain expertise and heavy reliance on the data analytics, determines the design, planning and operation of supply chain. Hence, businesses are on the look out for a vendor who could help them improve visibility and deliver data insights to facilitate better decision making.

Data-driven Insights to Bridge Information Gaps
Clearly understanding the scenario, 3SC, a pioneer in integrating supply chain management with analytics, came forward with a comprehensive suite of analytics solutions with data-centric approach to help businesses improve visibility into supply chain and derive data-driven inputs from the unstructured data, thereby enhancing the overall supply chain efficiency and business productivity. “Businesses today by and large depend on the traditional ways of managing the supply chain; therefore they face issues of lack of visibility into the operations of supply chain due to the information gaps.

We bring to the clients the right kind of technology, be it Analytics or AI or IoT or Big Data to help them digitize the supply chain and bridge the gaps by capturing the required information. Based on the information captured, we design business specific solutions that address the issues related to every segment of the supply chain and add value to the client’s organisation,” informs Lalit Das, Founder & CEO explaining about their unique approach towards supply chain management. The company takes care of both planning and design of the supply chain to optimize the entire process along with data analytics to improve operational efficiency of the system.
Inventory Cost Reductions with Demand Forecasting
Constantly growing inventory stock which results in the increase of cost of the products has always been an obstacle for businesses in the supply chain management due to inaccurate forecasting capabilities, eventually leading to customer dissatisfaction. Demand forecasting enables businesses to reduce the inventory stocks, therefore significantly contributes to the business growth of an organisation. 3SC through its Demand Curve, a Predictive Analytics Tool for demand forecasting which explores key drivers of demand and analyzes the demand. It enables businesses to gain better insights and predict the future demand patterns.

We bring to the clients the right kind of technology, be it Analytics or AI or IoT or Big Data to help them digitize the supply chain and bridge the gaps by capturing the required information

By providing better insights, it brings in confidence in the decision making and ensures a better supply chain design with proper flow of goods and capital in the supply chain. This tool helps businesses achieve better forecasting abilities and improve their supply chain management.

The company’s services under Prescriptive Analytics include supply chain network design, vehicle route optimization, packaging optimization, palette optimization etc., that enables businesses to optimize their operations. Under Descriptive Analytics, the company offers virtualization and dashboards, spend analytics, metrics reporting, performance analysis, leadership reports etc., which help businesses get better visibility into the supply chain. “Using our descriptive analytics tools we first identify the potential areas to be optimized. Once the areas are identified, we move on to the optimization process which involves strategic optimizations such as supply chain network design; tactical optimization such as planning for the future purpose and for the last mile optimization; operational optimization such as truck capacity utilization improvement, packaging optimization improvement etc,” explains Lalit Das.

3SC provides end-to-end technology solutions for the supply management to various industries such as ecommerce, pharmacy, chemical etc. Speaking about their future roadmap Lalit Das, says, “We are planning to invest more in the innovation side to enhance our technology capabilities such as data analytics and deep learning to bring-in operational excellence into the client’s business and improve the customer experience”. With a prominent presence in India, the company seeks to expand its footprint across Europe, APAC and US regions.