Netmonastery: Unleashing The Power Of Data Analytics For Comprehensive Growth

CIO Vendor Today, as enterprises consider their ability to derive actionable insights from big data as a key to business growth, investments into big data, data analytics and related technologies are on rise and witnessing new heights. According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, the Global Big Data Analytics market is expected to become USD 40.6 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 29.7 percent. However, despite the large-scale investments, not many businesses reach a point of data-driven decision making with insights from the enterprise data owing to challenges involved in the collection of relevant data that fits their purpose. Moreover, most of the data is unstructured spreading across multiple platforms and geographical locations, so accumulating and processing volumes of data is a daunting task for enterprises. Helping businesses leverage their enterprise data to make informed decisions by delivering reliable data insights is NETMONASTERY, a Mumbai based company.

Bridging the Gap Between Data Processing And Business Insights
NETMONASTERY offers an integrated big data analytics platform - DNIF - that enables ease of data collection, management and processing for businesses and allows them to take data-driven decisions to achieve comprehensive growth. The platform’s immense capabilities to continuously receive unstructured data from disparate data sources and process help to bridge the gap between complex data processing and actionable business insights. “We extensively engage with our clients to identify their pain points and to understand what they are looking for. Typically, businesses are hardly aware of what data needs to be collected to get to their pre-determined outcomes. Based on our understanding of client’s business processes and pain points, we reverse engineer to a point where they will have the correct set of data that facilitate their decision making,” elaborates Shomiron Gupta, CEO & Founder, NETMONASTERY about their unique approach. The platform can in- take all kinds of data including event based data, bank transactional log data, web server activity log data, telecom data etc., and can be used for various kinds of use cases such as cyber security, operational use case, specific product use case or plain vanilla transaction intelligence. It automatically batch processes the data in real-time without any human interventions and delivers insights.

“We are a product-based company working with some of the largest players in the market who deploy, customize and operationalise our DNIF platform and provide value-added services on top of the platform as per the client's requirements. However, in some specific cases where the partner is unable to solve the issue, we also provide professional services to help clients address the problem,” informs Shomiron Gupta about their positioning in the industry. “Ours is a platform that can easily be installed in any kind of business environment to collect and analyze data to finally
get intelligence out of it. It also gives you analytical dashboards with which one can interact with for enabling ease of informed-decision making,” he adds.

One of the most important points to consider while integrating big data and analytics and that can really add value to the businesses is speed at which analytics models are working. Giving utmost importance to speed of data processing, the company delivers systems that can execute processes faster by leveraging latest cutting-edge technologies. The company believes that if the platform natively has right kind of capabilities then everything build on top of it will deliver better results. Accordingly, designs platforms with specific focus on building core technology capabilities. “Our vast domain expertise and our technological capabilities to deliver faster and accurate outputs help our clients achieve better results and also give us a competitive edge over other players in the market,: highlights Shomiron Gupta.

Based on our understanding of client’s business processes and pain points, we reverse engineer to a point where they will have the correct set of data that facilitate their decision making

Automated Threat Detection Through Behaviour Monitoring
Being a Network Security company that assists businesses in securing their network and applications, NETMONASTERY provides an all-in-one cyber security platform that unifies data collection, machine learning and analytics for advanced threat detection. The company also provides security automation solutions that automate the investigation, response and mitigation process and help business minimize their spending and time in handling security issues. “Today, the cyber security landscape is very rule based with ruled in-place for everything right from detecting the attack to mitigating the risks. We are trying to disrupt this by applying the capabilities of data analytics for the cyber security space. Our analytics system through behaviour monitoring identifies any kind of misbehaviour by the user, application or any other IT assets in the environment and helps concerned persons in flagging of the situation and handling the issues,” explains Shomiron Gupta.

Currently, the company is working with some of the reputed banks and largest financial institutions and is trying to reach out to mid-market customers to help them scale-up their business activities by harnessing the power of analytics. With a vision to diversify its service portfolio, the company is investing its energies into the Marketing Analytics for exploring opportunities to make use of data analytics in the marketing domain.