ABS India: Business Transformations With Tailor Made Unified Communication Strategies

CIO Vendor Communication is the business technology gospel and accounts for the entire productivity parameter. However, every business is different and therefore requires a communication solution/ service or strategy designed to address the specifics with utmost precision. ABS India Pvt. Ltd. has deployed communication networks that have transformed the way businesses function. By offering technologically advanced and end-to-end converged unified communication solutions for businesses, ABS India has served a range of enterprise communication needs, including multi-site network locations for reputed clients across domains.

Over the past twenty odd years of its operations, ABS India has set a number of benchmarks and has developed significant capabilities on project management and service trades. ABS India provides IP telephony, network infrastructure & enterprise applications enabling its clients to keep their customers satisfied, employee productivity high and operating costs low. Ensuring that the customers get seamless experience of the solutions is one of the primary goals of ABS India.

With the plug and play models of software taking over from a technology perspective, businesses have realized the benefits of digital transformation. However, it requires a lot of understanding of the customers’ environment: how they are going to use it and how it is going to enhance the clients’ experience both internally and externally for their end consumers. ABS India has ameliorated a fine portfolio of cloud based unified communication solutions to help customers serve their end customers with utmost satisfaction. “The objective is to understand the customer needs and customize the solutions around that and be able to create our service in a way which gives them enhanced productivity and experience with their own customers”, explains Sunil Arora, Chairman & Managing Director, ABS India Pvt. Ltd.

Exceptional Strategies Directed towards Customer Satisfaction
The knowledge of various verticals accumulated through several years of problem solving with customers across geographies has helped ABS India to design demand-specific solutions for the customers. With the telecom industry drawn towards adopting smart networks to ensure seamless communication experience for its end customers across devices, ABS India has positioned itself to award the right communication channel to every client. In an organizational hierarchy, right from senior management to the operational personnel, every department requires a different communication experience based on the need. As a customer centric firm, ABS India offers optimization of the unified communication platform it deploys. Based on an employee’s designation in the organization, his or her role in the workflow and the employee’s interaction with the customer base, ABS India calibrates the platform, thereby delivering user specific experience, more so, unique experience to one and all.
Tailor made Experiences for Every Stakeholder
Leveraging its service strategy, ABS India caters to every organization uniquely. The company not just offers the means of communication to the customers but also the method and process of communication. This approach enhances the productivity within clients’ organization and gives an optimum solution for interfacing with their end customers. In order to be able to do that, the company invests extensively in technical training of its resources. This ensures that the team at ABS India understands the clients’ requirements totally and is able to take solution centric approach as opposed to a product centric one. The company has dedicated specialized trainers to take care of the technical resources, gear up the engineers on the latest enhancements in technology in real time and finally stay on par with the global standards. Staying ahead of the curve, this strategy of having technology-specific experts has enabled ABS India to consult and accomplish diverse unified communication projects with a plethora of diverse industry giants.

The company acquires technologies and develops expertise as well. This has been its success mantra and has always led the company to stride and walk on that path

Over the years, ABS India has maintained to deliver service experience that is unique in the marketplace. “ABS India’s service rating is significantly high across verticals”, adds Sunil. As a service driven company, ABS India constantly works to improve knowledge within the teams and ensures that it is listening to the customer, day-in and day-out, to enhance their experience with ABS India. The company’s Service delivery strategy also includes various support services like 24/7 support, 9 to 5 support and provisioning of on-site technical resources in critical environments.

ABS India has witnessed steep growth in the metro environments. Almost 90 percent of the country’s operational metros have ABS India’s presence. The company is catering to the clients on voice front and fiber optic backbone. ABS India has also conducted a lot of POCs and workshops for them. The company has similar competencies and domain expertise in verticals like hospitality, defence, PSUs and Government organizations as well. In the near future, ABS India plans to grow geographically reaching out to global markets as well. Currently, ABS is focused on solutions to enhance its customer productivity and grow in the areas of cloud applications. Project management will continue to remain ABS India’s key differentiator with respect to its expertise in large networks & unified communication solutions. Technology will be under spotlight, however, Sunil concludes, “Unless and until we are able to showcase our expertise to the customer and enhance their experience, we don't acquire technology only to stay updated with the latest in the market. We acquire technologies and develop expertise as well. This has been our success mantra and has always led us to stride and walk on that path”.