B2C Info Solutions: Translating Vision Into Reality For Enterprises

CIO Vendor With major ecommerce giants and other businesses perching to mobile applications for branding, the realm has become a viable option for improving customer engagement and direct marketing too. Businesses of every size and shape are following the mobile trend as it has become ubiquitous. B2C Info Solutions, headquartered in Noida develops striking native apps to cross-platform apps, giving innovation yet another dimension. Being specialized in the delivery of full-cycle, end-to-end mobile solutions and services for brands and startups, the company helps in leveraging emerging technologies like IoT, e-Healthcare, Big Data and wearable. B2C, established in the year 2012, stand by its virtues of compassion, creativity and commitment to make sure that its customer-centric approach delivers the best results and adds value to clients in an impactful manner.

B2C Info Solutions believes that simplicity is the key to applicability. In the mobile app development arena, its team tries to fit into the user-end and realize the point where, expectations of user meet that of the client. To keep abreast in the ever-evolving world of technology, it is required to get out of comfort zones and embrace the newer arenas, which once seemed impossible. Artificial intelligence is one such zone where potential is being tapped to enhance the user experience and efficiency. From being a part of complex units to be deciphered by medical professionals, to a wearable health data delivering and interpreting device, technology has started monitoring the way people breathe, eat and even walk. With multitudes of such apps in the market, B2C gives an edge to the client by understanding the nittygritty involved in the app development and the science behind it. Having worked with a myriad of industries and backed by a team of professionals, the company has been developing wearable healthcare apps as well as utility apps from design to everything. “B2C diligently create apps that are secure and unique, which resonates with the brand. Apart from that, we are also engaged in the development of IoT based wearable apps, augmented reality apps and entertainment and games for wearables,” conveys Amit Jain, Managing Director, B2C Info Solutions.

B2C is among the pioneers in introducing mobile app world with immutable benefits to decentralizations. The company leverages
blockchain to provide end-to-end solutions for its clients’ business and industry needs. From the development of a smart contract and crypto-currencies, auditing the processes before they go live on the unaltered system, and helping startups raise an Initial Coin Offering, B2C assists its clients in all the directions from start to end. The company has experience of successfully developing & delivering more than 450+ apps across various domain till date.

B2C gives an edge to the client by understanding the nitty-gritty involved in the app development and the science behind it

One of the major challenges observed by B2C in the industry was to create AI-powered engines based on multiple apps and web applications across different stakeholders which can run across as many devices as possible. Countless mobile platforms have different limitations based on screen sizes, OS requirements, embedded technologies, and pixel intensities. However, it is not only about the devices, but also the mapping of people’s day-to-day activities and issues with health. One of its clients came up with an idea of development app called ‘Hostop’, a platform which provides the facilities such as booking appointments with doctors, find nearby hospitals and doctors, and enables chat with hospitals/ doctors. B2C was able to provide them an AI-based platform that learns the patient’s nature, regular day-to-day activities and accordingly assist per the required solutions recommended though the platform. “We are currently working on dispatching system and delivery app on Android. The initial project release was a hit and the company is now in second round of acquiring funds from US based investors,” adds Amit.

“Woods are lovely, dark and deep... but we have miles to go before we sleep...” recites Amit while contemplating the future steps ahead for B2C. The company is looking towards building brands with the process of evolution in sight. While trying to keep abreast with the changing pitch of technology, B2C envisions evolving and inculcating the upcoming innovations into its work. With a goal in mind to become a digital marketing platform with entire technological solution, Amit foresees to serve a platter of technologically balanced meal for user-interface. B2C has branch office is Bengaluru with global presence in the US, UK, Singapore and Malaysia.