Born Group: Digital Experiences Through A Unique Approach

CIO Vendor An exceptional user experience is central to digital transformation today. Companies that successfully transform their businesses are doing so by prioritizing their client’s needs ahead of any other needs. In a survey, organizations were asked which factors would influence their decision to implement a digital transformation strategy. Most listed user experience and customer satisfaction as the top motivators. In practice, most digital agencies help companies through digital transformation through a traditional approach, failing to help clients optimize their digital journey.

This is what sets apart an iconic agency, BORN GROUP. It is a well known and award-winning marketing agency that focuses on experience design and enterprise commerce. BORN’s unique approach optimizes the digital journey of each brand they work with across 15 channels of consumption - from stores, websites, campaigns, newsprint, adverts and so on. Unlike other agencies, BORN’s services cover brand creation, expression, activation across all channels yet allowing companies to collate data from various end points of consumption into logical, connected books of record. Their framework to provide connected 360 degree channel experiences is called Stella. Before digital optimization even begins, BORN establishes client goals, and the aspiration of the brand in each channel. After this, a foundation of data analysis, creative design, content production and commerce capabilities is created, kicking off the digital journey.

With over 500 plus digital transformations under its belt in over 40 end markets in the B2B and B2C segments, BORN is one of the largest independent agencies in the customer and brand experience space, with offices and operations in 8 countries.

“Our mission is to help clients combine all the aspects of customer interaction with a brand into one integrated experience,” affirms Prakash Gurumoorthy, Managing Director, BORN Group. “We call this the Brand Experience wheel, and this combines many specialisms right from attracting the audience, interacting with them, transacting and then working on their feedback. Our overall objective is to progressively improve customer experience with each turn of the wheel,” he adds.

Leadership through Instrumentation
With BORN’s digital approach, every marketing decision is rooted in data through effective instrumentation. The company has conceptualized many strategic and implementation frameworks across industries and functions. BORN has built platform accelerators like Arctic Fox, Bulldog, Bison & Eagle on top of leading platforms providers to help their clients with a faster go-to-market on the pivots of time & cost. BORN has conceptualized a CX Framework named Stella. Our pathbreaking new BeBxBr framework (Stella) incorporates three key elements: Brand Experience covers how a brand attracts and engages clients, Behavioural Experience deals with customer transactions across channels, and Book-of-Record Experience captures essential data and analyzes it through data science and back-office systems. This validates our thinking on storytelling, omnichannel, and sales for our brands, customers, and our internal team
SOS - the signal BORN heads from brands
The signal BORN hears from brands is SOS which is not a cry for help but Storytelling, Omnichannel and Sales.

The three major components of transforming a brand include the following questions: ‘How effectively can you tell the story?’, ‘How can you be present in multiple channels such as web, mobile, kiosks, billboards, and magazines?’, and ‘Does it amplify sales?’. BORN addresses this using the SOS framework. “We firmly believe in the SOS framework: Storytelling, Omnichannel and Sales”, says Prakash. “For a particular brand to achieve all these, it needs three modern capabilities, namely high-end UI/ UX Capabilities, Content and Commerce. Therefore, in order to be one of the best digital agencies, we combine our specialisms such as creative content and commerce.”

Our mission is to help customers through all aspects of experiencing a brand into one integrated experience

The Journey Ahead
Currently, BORN Group is involved in a wide variety of projects, such as its collaboration with one of the largest telecom companies in Malaysia. BORN is involved in this Telco player’s largest digital transformation program, and has taken up its entire digital footprint by providing the digital platform and mobile applications. For the same organization, BORN is now in the process of integrating online and offline stores as well.

BORN is also currently working on a multi-million dollar digital transformation program for one of the world’s best airports, whose goal is to create an amazing customer experience for its passengers. Through BORN’s digital transformation program, this airport is trying to revamp its traveler customer experience. Other BORN clients include a Singaporebased fashion brand and one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia, a leading fashion & apparel brand in Thailand and leading food & beverage clients across APAC.

Winning Accolades
BORN Group finishes the year 2019 winning a staggering set of over forty-five awards in digital space. BORN’s project that won the most gold certifications among award-granting institutions was TataCliq Luxury, which snagged Gold for ‘Best eCommerce Marketplace’ from the Asia eCommerce awards and ‘Best Digital eCommerce Implementation’ from Great Lifestyle Brands.

BORN’s key award wins based on client work include six W3 awards and five Communicator Awards through work with elite brands such as Himalayan Mountain Water, Montblanc, Titan, and Diesel. Other notable projects to bring home the big forty-five include Fastrack, Love, Bonito, Oni Global, PT Astra, Lorna Jane, Tetley, Jaspal, and Mondelez International.Aside from these accolades, BORN’s leadership was also praised-CEO Dilip Keshu was named ‘Top 4 Agency CEO of the Year’ at the Marketing Talent Awards, and won a Stevie for Best Entrepreneur in Marketing.