Cams-Exact: Enabling Seamless Technology Integration Into Business Operations

CIO Vendor As technology is evolving at an astonishing rate, even the end-customers are increasingly demanding enhanced speed of service, quality and personalization. Today, new-age ERP Software application has become a game changer for businesses with noticeable benefits when it comes to focused IT costs, total visibility, improved reporting/planning and efficiency, enhanced data security and quality, to name a few. ERP systems deliver innovation and agility to the businesses which significantly improves their productivity, thereby aiding them to meet the demands of their end-customer.

With decades of industry experience, a Mumbai based company that has been providing collaborative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), to its clients - irrespective of industry verticals or the market - is CAMS (Computer Aided Management Services (India) Pvt Ltd.) incorporated in 1998. The company has a product called CAMS-Exact which focuses on providing end-to-end ERP solution for SMEs, Standalone India tax (GST) localization solution. With pan India installations including some of the Fortune 500, CAMS-Exact has arguably solidified its name in Enterprise Solutions market-with its user-friendly and easy to use software backed up by a trained team of professionals bringing real world experience.

Being a simplified solution that runs the complex parts of your business such as accounting, compliance and processes in the background, CAMS-Exact is easy to learn and can be implemented with minimum resources. It adapts to the unique ways of your business whether you want to manage working capital or control inventory. It drives business growth as it is designed around the needs of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers. It spurs growth while managing complexity. The result is powerful solutions that free your resources so you can grow your business.

“Our mission is to make technology an asset to one’s business. We strive to integrate technology seamlessly into our clients’ operations to bring efficiency and productivity. As a preferred technology partner, we work hand in hand with our clients to support their growth. We want to create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost effective systems that will significantly aid in handling growing needs through the rapid deployment of our expertise services,” says Deepak Jiandani, Director, CAMS.

Aiding SMEs across Industries with Robust ERP Software Application
Aiding organizations in improving their performance by providing robust management/operational control and resource planning, CAMS-Exact application has multi-user and tasking capabilities that integrate activities across the functional departments from product planning, parts purchasing, inventory control, order-tracking, to statutory reporting and export documentation. It comprises all the functional modules which are integrated/merged with each other into one software system. CAMS-Exact
has various functional modules across ERP for Manufacturing Trading/Services/ Retail, CRM, Sales & Distribution, Dealer & Distribution Network Management, PoS Solutions, Purchase Management, Inventory Management, Production Planning & Control, SCM, Finance & Accounts Management, HR Management, and Fixed Assets Management with Plant Maintenance. It also delivers add-on modules such as Service/ Complaints Management, QC Module, Job Work Module, Export Documentation and Payroll.

Catering to wide range of industry verticals, from Engineering, Manufacturing & Trading, Instrumentation, Sales & Distribution, to Automotive OEM manufacturers, CAMSExact has a host of functional features from Multi-level document authorizations/approvals, to Auto SMS, Auto Mailers, Document Attachment, QR Code printing on document, and Bar Code scanning and generation. Digital Signatures to documents is another notable feature of CAMS-Exact ERP. It also has some of the crucial system features which provide Web Based Solutions, Scalability, Customization, Process Authorization, Integration Capabilities, Audit Trail, and Backup utility. Flexibility, Scalability, Reliability come naturally to CAMS-Exact.

We want to create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost effective systems that will significantly aid in handling growing needs through the rapid deployment of our expertise services

As your business grows, you need a software that manages all the complexities of your operations so that you get more time to focus on the core areas of your business.

Providing Complete Automation of Statutory Compliances
One of the most crucial segments that CAMS-Exact software solution has been catering to is Indirect taxation. As most of the major ERPs are unable to deliver complete automation on the indirect taxation compliances due to typical, dynamic and complex nature of the India Tax compliances, CAMS with over 2 decades of experience in the India taxation domain, provides the ERP users with complete automation of the statutory compliances by developing the interface between the ERP system and the CAMS software. It is an end-to-end solution that factors in all GST related statutory changes as and when required. Minimize the chances of rejection of your GST returns. Error detection and correction capabilities are built into the software. You can rely on it to help you file your GST returns easily, correctly and on time. Starting from creating invoices to filing returns, CAMS-Exact ERP is your GST compliance partner.

“We have been providing India tax localization solutions to clients including a large number of international organizations, many of them being Fortune 500 companies using ERPs like SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Ramco etc.,” concludes Deepak Jiandani.