Cavisson Systems: Enabling Exceptional End-User Experience And Performance Improvement

CIO Vendor In the current complex digital environment where business goals are determined by digital strategy, APM solutions that ensure optimal performance of the business-critical applications have become a must-have for enterprises to deliver better user experience and stay ahead in the competition. As the implementation of APM systems is always aligned with enterprise-wide business goals, enterprises today are deterred by the solutions that are available in bits and pieces with no holistic approach, eventually affecting the end objectives. Moreover, just having a system in place doesn’t always solve the problems; it requires timely identification of issues in the application life-cycle and diagnosis of the root cause for which proper domain expertise is a precondition. Helping enterprises deliver enhanced customer experience and achieve the set business goals by offering full stack application performance solutions with an enterprise-wide strategy and holistic approach is Cavisson Systems.

End-to-end Solutions to Enhance Business Performance
Cavisson Systems, a company specialized in performance engineering provides performance testing, monitoring, and diagnostics software solutions and helps enterprises maximize efficiency, reduce system down-time and optimize response time for seamless transactions and enhanced end-user experience. “Application Performance Management is perceived in two different ways; for IT it’s about availability, quality and fast response and for businesses it’s about revenue and profitability. We cater to every segment of the industry as per their needs and specifications. We provide recommendations along with ongoing performance analysis for continuous performance improvement on numerous fronts–application, database, capacity planning etc,” informs Anil Kumar, Founder and CTO, Cavisson Systems. Explaining to us their strategy towards the application performance management, he says, “We allow users to induce issues early in the application lifecycle and fix them well in advance. We also help them identify the issues across the enterprise and diagnose the root cause in real time by performing root cause analysis. We use a proprietary advance cross discipline simulation technique-Internet True to recreate production like scenarios within test environment and induce issues. Our Key Data technology helps in alerting and identifying issues and drill down to the root cause across any layer, be it system, application, database, network or logs.

Earlier Identification of Issues by Simulating Production-like Environment
Early detection of issues helps to minimize the impact of the issue. However, in order to detect the issues early in the application lifecycle, one needs to create the production like scenario in the lab first. Cavisson Systems through its proprietary technologies Key Data and Internet-True
successfully creates production like environment along with monitoring solutions to provide end- to-end solutions to catch the issues early in the application lifecycle and to monitor and diagnose the issues.

Ensuring Efficacy of Mission Critical Applications
The comprehensive suite of performance intelligence solutions provided by Cavisson Systems ensures exceptional customer experience and business efficacy of mission-critical applications for the clients, helping them enhance the performance, quality and availability of their enterprise systems and applications. By using NetStorm which is based on its proprietary technology - InternetTrue, the enterprise can simulate scenarios such as user arrival model, massive load generation, user behavior, Network (packet loss, delays, etc.) /bandwidth, browser or device, edge or cache service simulation etc., within the test environment as a part of performance testing of the applications. Cavisson Systems’ NetOcean is another powerful back-end application simulator that eliminates dependency on the production or third-party systems to enable faster quality and performance testing. By simulating such services, NetOcean accelerates the test cycles and helps to bring down the overall cost of ownership of the test. The company’s Key Data technology helps to automatically detect anomalies and provide meaningful data for correlation and root cause analysis in order to minimize the issues. NetVision offers a comprehensive user experience management solution combined with NetDiagnostics that does system, application and database level monitoring. This is combined with NetForest for leveraging logs for automated root cause analysis of performance issues.

We cater to every aspect of performance – systems, applications, business. Our holistic approach towards performance helps organizations stay on top of their digital as well as customer experience transformation initiatives, with Cavisson as the enterprise strategy

Apart from myriad of solutions and products, almost 95 percent of the company’s staff caters to the technology needs of the clients such as Engineering, QA, Support and Professional services. Cavisson Systems which is primarily an engineering driven organization is currently focusing on go to market strategies to diversify its field operations in order to create more visibility and awareness for its products and services. The company has been working with clients from various industries such as Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Transport and Logistics, Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Utilities, etc. to help them address their business challenges.