Cimmra - Teckraft Infosolutions: An Eprocurement Suite That's Designed To Be Modular, Flexible, Scalable And Affordable

CIO Vendor In a continuously changing business environment, organizations that are quick to leverage on emerging technologies to their strategic advantage are those that ensure success. While advancements in technology have been acting as the oil to the engine in sprucing up the capabilities of software systems, developments the world over have been hugely influencing adaptation of digitization of all processes – and the Sourcing and Procurement function is no exception to this.

Today’s businesses consider the sourcing function as a key contributor to control cost of doing business. Lower input costs highly economize the production of goods and services and help an organization to become competitive in the marketplace to not only retain clients, but also acquire new ones.

The advent of eProcurement brought with it a totally new, streamlined, controlled and diligent approach in managing upstream Supply Chain Management, through all its nuances and intricate processes. However, until recently, owing to lack of suitable and lucrative choices, many large organizations were left with no option but to implement from a few global standard solutions having a very steep TCO. Moreover,most of them were rather incomplete in aspects of cross-industry versatility,depth of features and functionalities and had limitations of working with only a few ERP deployments. Hence, enterprise clients’ need for a dependable, industryversatile solution that is compliant with global standards, can be scaled as per their needs, be flexible as per their practices and can integrate to any ERP they use – all this while remaining affordable both to acquire and own remained unmet for a quite a while.

As changing tides brought forward the need for more reliable and feature-rich Procure-to-Pay Suites that are compliant to global standards, one company that has been trailblazing on this front is Teckraft Infosolutions, a techno-functional business software company set-up and managed by industry-groomed, versatile domain experts and technologists. With a long kept commitment of providing the industry with the best-of-breed business solutions at the best prices with a track record of best-inclass services, Teckraft has been providing an industryversatile Cimmra eProcurement Suite – with extensive features and functionalities, a definitive product scale-up roadmap, statutory compliance and security - and all this, with a significantly economical TCO.

A Solution that Grows with an Organization of any size
Cimmra eProcurement Suite is a simple, robust, cloudready Procure-to-Pay Suite that digitizes the entire Procurement Process from Sourcing till Settlement – A Modular, Flexible, Scalable and Affordable solution that grows with the organization. Cimmra also has a Supplier Portal and extensive Supplier Life Cycle Management capabilities as well.

“We enable the warmest of engagements at all levels of management in the various market segments from large organizations, industry conglomerates to multinationals alike,” highlights Sameer Ahmed, Founder and CEO, Teckraft Infosolutions. Speaking of the sheer flexibility of their offering, Teckraft’s Chief Marketing Officer, Suntosh Mankodi points out that organizations can choose to go for any or all of Cimmra’s modules that cover Sourcing, Auctions, Fulfillment Shipments with eInvoicing, AP Settlements, Supplier Portal and Supplier Management – and scale up whenever required, on the fly. “This kind of choice in composite or modular implementation lets an organization prioritize what they would like to digitize first and then determine the steps to progress further in their transition to eProcurement,” adds Suntosh.

Enabling Complete Transparency and Increased Productivity across the Value Chain
Understanding that a company’s suppliers are central to all Sourcing
activity, Cimmra’s Supplier Management comes with the flexibility to onboard suppliers through multiple approaches, providing multiple modes of doing so. The system provides a simple interface to enable suppliers to very easily maintain their own profile, business information, contacts, offerings, etc. Cimmra’s in-system communication capability ensures clarity and accessibility for the Suppliers involved in a procurement exercise to remain connected seamlessly with the sourcing team and other stakeholders at all levels of engagement. It is also inclusive of key features that facilitate Periodic Audits, Feedback and Follow-up of Compliance Commitments for Suppliers. It provides online coordination for site visits and pre-dispatch inspections to be carried out, to ensure error-free and smooth supply operations too. Moreover, Cimmra’s Self Services capability lets a supplier and relevant stakeholders keep track of Purchase Requests, RFX, Responses, Scrutiny, Orders, Shipments, Fulfillment, eInvoices, etc. all on their own without the need to keep accessing Sourcing personnel of the organization for updates. The reduced cycle time and eliminated coordination requirement enables the buyers to work more on strategy than waste time on mundane activities otherwise carried out conventionally.

The Cimmra eProcurement Suite prides itself on its simple interface that makes using the system a breeze

Implementation: Success by Design
Team Cimmra strives for customer success by not only deploying world class e-Procurement solutions but also making it work for them by involving their techno-functional and managerial team to enable their clients to maximize value. Providing adequate handholding to users throughout their adaptation of Procurement Digitization makes it a delightful experience and enables clients to actually realize bottom-line savings. Users gain better control on processes while staying compliant and transparent, besides reducing cycle time drastically and increasing profits.

Icing on the Cake
Cimmra’s designer and Chief Technology Officer, Ashraf Shaikh quips: “The Cimmra eProcurement Suite prides itself on its highly user-friendly, uncluttered and intuitive interface that makes using the system a breeze. This comes as a welcome change, juxtaposed against other systems in the market that make even simple tasks lengthy and complex. To put it in a nutshell, the Cimmra has made it easy for everyone – the purchase requestors, the sourcing personnel, the suppliers and all other stakeholders – to optimize on the system.”

While Teckraft’s senior management has a combined experience of more than 140 years in managing ERP, design and deployment of business-critical applications and IT project management for a slew of multinationals, their 200+ strong technical team forms the Cimmra Center of Excellence for Business Applications. “Upcoming updates of Cimmra are already being built using the company’s skills on Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technologies to further enhance its capabilities. We aim to make the Cimmra eProcurement Suite a name to swear by in its functional domain globally,” concludes Sameer.

Shorter TAT for procurement cycles
Aiding faster decisions and shorter TAT for procurement cycles, the Cimmra eProcurement Suite is built with a robust and process-adaptive design, thereby eliminating wastage of time and effort and enhancing productivity. With the immediate wisdom it provides based on history data, user ratings and observations, closing sourcing cases with the right award scenarios is fast. Cimmra not just has approaches with global best practices in procurement, it also has inbuilt features to modify existing approaches and include new ones altogether: for a single event, for a temporary phase, or permanently. The solution is equipped with a beeline of smart features that keeps saving a buyer’s time all the way.