Citi Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd.: Delivering Flexible And Customized Warehouse Management Systems

CIO Vendor The global warehouse management system market is expected to reach USD 9,332.6 million by 2027. The major factors driving the growth of this sector include increased adoption of on cloud WMS solutions, the growth in the e-commerce industry, emerging multi-channel distribution channels, and globalization of supply chain networks. However, warehouse management system software is mostly not available as per the customer requirements rather it is usually developed as a common solution by the solution providers.

This is where Thane based CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. comes into the picture. CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. provides INVENTA WMS - a flexible WMS solution that can be customized as per the customer’s requirements. INVENTA WMS is an enterprise software application that automates and manages all the warehouse processes, which further helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of warehouses. This SAAS based application is developed by CITI Solutions engineers which has helped them to obtain practical knowledge and meticulous understanding of the warehouse processes and operations and this is what differentiates CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. from the rest.

INVENTA WMS acts as a centralized software interface providing real-time visibility of inventory and order status across various warehouses of an organization. This system is developed in-house and is being implemented by 40 plus users currently. INVENTA WMS is an easy to setup warehouse management software with easy client configuration, predefined business domain templates.

Third largest warehouse service provider
Established in 2015, CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. offers 3PL (Third Party Logistics) services such as warehousing and transportation services to its customers. Currently, the company has PAN India presence with around 25 lakh sq.ft. warehouses across the country and has been recognized as the third largest space occupant in west, by one of the best Logistics magazine.

At CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd., entrepreneurship and an innovative, competitive spirit represents the attitude that sustains us and continues to drive us constantly to think afresh and improve each of our processes by making them economical, more sustainable, more digital and more client-oriented. Warehouses at CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. are strategically located, compliant with the latest technology and are equipped with roundthe-clock security. The company receives products from suppliers and designs storage solutions in line with customer’s requirement (HDR, MDR, Slotted angel rack, Mezzanine, Cantilevers etc) & stores them accordingly and then finally distributes
them as per the customer needs and directives. CITI Solutions provides dedicated and shared warehousing & distribution operations to clients of all industry sectors.

Quality of Services and Timely Execution
“We provide solutions design and analysis to help our clients improve the bottom line and stay flexible with precise customer –centric approach in the face of changing business needs,” says Mr Pravin Shimpi, Founder & CMD of CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. “With our range of dedicated and multi-customer Warehousing & transportation solutions, we meet our clients’ service needs and provide timely delivery of goods,” he adds. We maintain focus and remain optimistic and persistent by providing relentless quality, process, reliability and excellent service to our clients.

We provide solutions design and analysis to help our clients improve the bottom line and stay flexible in the face of changing business needs

Performing Floor Operations
CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. has developed the INVENTA WMS MOBILE solution and has made it compatible on Android hand held devices. Therefore, warehouses can easily perform floor operation processes such as GRN, putaway, picking etc. through these Android Hand held devices. This solution is designed to meet the various warehouse operations and comprises features such as location scanning using barcodes, sorting and inventory tracking. It also processes the goods received note, putaway, picking and dispatch notes for stock transfer.

Data Exchange automation
CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. has developed an Electronic Data Exchange system - Inventa WMS EDI that automates data exchange with Customer ERP applications. This system was developed with an aim to save time and increase the reliability of data interchange. What makes this system stand out from the rest is its ‘any application exchange’ feature. Any ERP application can exchange information with INVENTA WMS using the Excel or JSON method. Inventa WMS EDI helps in processing advance shipping notifications, sales order, putaway details, and dispatch details.

CITI Solutions Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. has a strong operational team with decades of experience in handling complex business products from different verticals. The company carefully analyzes the client’s specific business requirements and provides solutions accordingly. Moving forward, the company with its innovative ideas plans to design, implement, and improve dedicated warehousing and distribution solutions that will help in delivering value to the client’s business.