Domain 6: Empowering Real Estate Firms On Their Digital Journey

CIO Vendor Embracing technology with increasingly open arms, real estate companies are undertaking large-scale digital transformation initiatives to streamline their business operations, meet growing governmental compliance, and woo new-age customers. However, implementation of technology based systems often requires a transformational change in operations management and bringing about those changes can be challenging for businesses owing to an array of disparate legacy solutions and lack of expert guidance. This is where Domain 6, a company with years of experience in the real estate industry has positioned itself as a trusted partner for real estate firms embarking on their digital transformation journeys.

End-to-end Digital Transformation Solutions
Domain 6 provides purpose-built, next generation solutions and technology consulting to real estate businesses, helping them digitize their business processes and address digital transformation challenges. “We have been in the industry for the past 20 years working with real estate companies to support them in technology selection and adoption. Our domain expertise and years of experience helps us better understand the pain points of real estate firms and provide them with relevant solutions today and tomorrow. We offer solutions built for the real estate industry-right from managing brokerage firms that sell property, to lease management and facility management of the property,” informs Salim Faroukh, CEO, Domain 6. The company builds solutions on the Microsoft platform, providing clients with purpose-built solutions that boast industry-leading security, a rich set of capabilities and a platform for the future.

Optimizing Operations for Brokerage Firms
Brokerage firms face numerous challenges in managing their sales operations, commissions management and agent relationships. From on-boarding new agents to providing them the visibility they need to drive more sales, many brokerages firms struggle with legacy IT solutions that create silos of data. Broker Space 365, a purpose-built next generation solution for real estate brokerage firms from Domain 6, empowers real estate brokers to breakdown the data silos and enables them to effectively manage their sales and provide agents with better visibility into the sales operations. The solution helps brokerage firms manage agent on-boarding & licensing, deal registration, commission plans & schedules and agent receivables & payables, and monitor agent performance.

Enabling Property Management Firms to better manage their portfolio performance
For property management firms working on multiple properties across multiple investors, a centralized system that delivers data insights to support day-to-day business activities is crucial. To help property management companies which include residential, commercial and mixed-
use property management firms to manage and service their properties more efficiently and understand their property portfolio performance, Domain 6 provides a product suite consisting of two products-IntelliSpace 365 and LeaseSpace 365.

LeaseSpace 365 simplifies property leasing process with an intelligent and event-driven lead to lease process, while requiring minimum training and ensuring high user adoption rate.

The solution allows employees to utilize insights from advanced analytics and AI to anticipate customer needs and deliver them personalized services. IntelliSpace365 as a stand-alone solution or working in tandem with LeaseSpace365 brings facilities management to a whole new level with smart work order management, resource and utilities management, meter readings and powerful IoT capabilities, allowing property management companies to be more proactive rather than reactive in their day-to-day operations.

Our domain expertise and years of experience helps us better understand the pain points of real estate firms and provide them with relevant solutions today and tomorrow

Integrated Senior Living Solutions
Research by CDW Healthcare and Senior Housing News shows that one of the biggest technology trends in senior living is not wearables, cloud or voice activation, but how these different technologies work together achieving interoperability to deliver a comprehensive solution. Domain 6’s integrated Senior Living solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, a next generation business application offers ERP, business intelligence, infrastructure, and compute and database services that can be deployed as stand-alone solutions or as an integrated one, offers companies a huge amount of deployment flexibility. The solution can easily integrate with other Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Power BI and the entire Microsoft Office Suite. This allows senior living operators to drive efficiencies and cost savings, while focusing on leasing, maintenance, billing, and reporting needs. Helping a Senior Living Community Management client that has recently acquired 150 communities, manage leases in a minimalistic manner, Domain 6 has developed a solution to streamline and process multiple leads from different sources. The client is now able to manage leases proactively and achieve maximum efficiency.

“Our vision is to digitally empower real estate firms to enhance their customer experiences by delivering digital transformation solutions using highly secured Microsoft technologies,” concludes Salim. With offices in Bellevue, Washington and Hyderabad, Domain 6 is planning to expand its operations in the regions of Asia and Middle East, foreseeing additional opportunities for real estate technology solutions.