Dream Sports Fields: Digitalizing Sports World For Active And Fit Lifestyle

CIO Vendor The worlds of sports and technology are colliding like never before, with administrators recognizing the possibilities of being smarter both on and off the field of play. As cricket and football are two of the most intriguing sports for the Indian population right now, Dream Sports Fields, headquartered in Mumbai, was incepted with an aim to promote physical activity where people can play together in any of the company’s turfs for hours on end and it will also encourage healthy lifestyle to keep youth away from harmful environments and choices. The company not only provides exceptional sports infrastructure and equipment which is available to rent on hourly basis but also has the ability to obtain coaching at most of their locations.

“We established our company 10 years back with a vision to improve the poor infrastructure of the sports industry in India. Our motto was and is now anyone can play, which means whether you’re a 12-year-old kid or a 40-year-old employee, everybody is welcome to play game at our locations. We were the first ones to lay our turf in Inorbit Mall Malad and now we have 14 fields in different parts of Mumbai,” explained, Sharad Sharan, Managing Director, Dream Sports Fields.

Promoting Sports for all Age Group
Dream Sports was created for the sole reason of promoting outdoor sports in an indoor, mini-environment allowing for a quick, cardio exercise for all age groups. As in the years the company’s location has increased from 1 to 14, Dream Sports has grown exponentially with bookings occupied on almost all the slots during both weekends and weekdays. The company has now become a reputed brand and manages to branch out to more premium malls, commercial properties, and educational facilities. Additionally, Dream Sports has organized tournaments and birthday parties for hundreds of individual and corporate clients such as Citibank, Titan, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, SERCO, eClerx, Vodafone, Tech Mahindra, and many more.

Furthermore, the company also maintains the quality of the fields. Since 2012 all the centers have had a weather synthetic turf installed. This turf mimics the biomechanics of actual grass that can withstand the harshest weather so one can play the sport of their choice, at their convenience.
Laying artificial grass allows maintaining quality as anytime there is an issue the company can simply replace it with the extra stock that they keep on hand, or simply fix it up if the state of the damage isn’t too bad. Dream Sports tends to complete replace of turfs every 3 years so that players can enjoy fresh and undamaged pitches every time they step onto one of the fields. Along with this, Dream Sports offers turfs to established coaches who have academies and need a slick spot to train their students. The company has tied up with some massive names such as Arsenal, LaLiga and Baichung Bhutia academies, so it’s imperative that the company’s fields host some of the finest coaching in the country.

Dream Sports was created for the sole reason of promoting outdoor sports in an indoor, mini-environment allowing for a quick, cardio exercise for all age groups

Transforming Sports World with Technology
The company has cricket technology for amateur players to test their skills like the speed of their balling, deviations and also overall batting performance with video recording and speed test cameras which are stored in a cloud. Over the last decade, the company has relied on word of mouth but Dream Sports will now be utilizing several digital tools to push the forefront of the sports infrastructure market.

Not only this, Dream Sports Field is now stepping their foot in technology too. The company is developing software where one can map their fields as they have installed IP cameras to measure clients’ exercise routines. “We’ve previously had close ties with some top tier companies such as Adidas who provided us with all the sports equipment that was required, but we now obtain the products on our own due to the increased knowledge that we’ve garnered. Balls, cones, bibs, and bats are all part of our inventory,” adds Sharad. Also, Dream Sports has signed up with Ryan group of schools all across India where they can expand company’s fields in these schools. As the company has transformed sports with digital world, Dream Sports’ new high-end IT system coupled up with their daily online lead generation advertisement which is moving towards a brighter future. The company’s goal is to encourage active lifestyle as well as to become the nation-wide leader in sports infrastructure with massive expansion plans over the next couple of years.