Easytocheck Software Solutions : Delivering Customized Zoho Solutions

CIO Vendor According to a report by Grand View Research, the global software consulting market is predicted to grow at a CAGR exceeding 11 percent till 2025. The reason behind this growth is the high demand for software consultants by entrepreneurs planning for digitizing business operations, expanding their businesses and planning new ventures as well. However, the growth is not just about digitizing business operations but, also the successful integration and implementation of software solutions.

One such organization that creates utilitarian software products to solve multiple business problems and is well-known for its award-winning and cloud-based CRM solution is Chennai based Zoho. Over the years, the company has developed numerous software products with great passion and has now made all the solutions available on the cloud, under a single integrated suite. However, any solution can be utilized and optimized completely only when it is implemented successfully as per the customer’s requirements.

A company that excels in taking Zoho Solutions to enterprises is Noida based EasyToCheck. EasyToCheck Software Solutions, a product focused company in partnership with Zoho, is a well-known Zoho solution provider that not only offers successful implementation services for Zoho solutions, but also offers complimentary customization services comprising training setup for customers. This enables EasyToCheck’s customers to customize the solutions on their own, thereby ensuring that the clients are not always dependent on the company for future product customization. In addition, EasyToCheck comes to the clients’ rescue when they are in need of architecture and complex design services.

“Every month we have numerous migrations that happen from other similar cloud solutions. However, customers always choose to switch to Zoho over others as this solution has numerous advantages such as affordable license cost, gamut of products provided by Zoho and powerful cloud functions that helps in customizing the solution according to the customer requirements,” affirms Amit Kumar, Founder of EasyToCheck Software Solutions. The company’s prime focus is to create and deliver incredible Zoho experience to its clients.

Improving accessibility and automating business process
One of the prime focuses of providing Zoho CRM implementation consulting services to organizations is that it helps organizations manage tasks commonly performed by sales, marketing and customer service departments. The Zoho CRM due to its extensive know-how capabilities are used to improve accessibility, collaboration and as well as automate processes within a business.

EasyToCheck provides Zoho CRM consulting services right from basic architecture and design services to advance process management. With Zoho creator and CRM, EasyToCheck allows customers to extend the limits
of normal CRM usage. Zoho CRM, creator, inventory, vertical CRM, third party app integration is the company’s forte for Zoho consulting.

“We are currently focused on domain research and development as we believe that these are the key to our business success,” says Amit. “How we can provide the best and low cost Zoho implementation services to our customers has been the centre stage of all our efforts,” he adds.

Leveraging custom development capabilities
The EasyToCheck team is wellversed in leveraging custom development and capabilities for market-leading CRM platforms such as Zoho. EasyToCheck’s consulting for every project starts with an in-depth analysis of the client’s current CRM requirements. The analysis is followed by a proven consulting process, post which the company’s specialists wrap these insights in an optimal CRM solution that meets their business needs.

We are currently focused on domain research and development as we believe that these are the key to our business success

Complete cycle of CRM consulting and development services
The company provides complete cycle of CRM consulting and development services that begin with business analysis, evaluation of Zoho product suite, platform customizations according to the needs, custom CRM development, upgrades and custom add-ons, data migration to Zoho system, CRM integration with external apps, quality assurance and ends with user training, maintenance and support services.

Rapid Application Development Tool
Zoho Creator is one of the best rapid application development tools to create business applications for distributed systems that are available both on the web and mobile. EasyToCheck has developed numerous customized applications for clients using Zoho Creator. This helped them save time as they were not only able to quickly create the custom application on the basis of customer requirement but also integrate it with their existing zoho system.

EasyToCheck offers development and implementation services for Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Creator, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Books and consulting and many other Zoho products.

EasyToCheck has implemented customized Zoho products for more than 1000 plus organizations worldwide and its customers have presence in more than 13 countries today, with USA being their biggest market volumetrically. EasyToCheck is now working closely with the Zoho Marketplace team to evaluate various possible app integrations that can be developed for existing Zoho users. This will leverage the customers to integrate Zoho with their existing third party applications in a matter of few clicks. Zoho Marketplace team has been pivotal in testing, assisting and suggesting us the best case scenarios for the way end user might like to consume and share data between Zoho and these external applications.