Engineering Design Software & Services: Fuelling Construction Industry Growth With Intelligent ERP Software

CIO Vendor The Indian construction industry is experiencing tremendous growth owing to positive developments in economic conditions, improvement in investor confidence and investments in transport infrastructure, energy and housing projects. To balance this growth which would translate into an increase in volume of work, there need to be more systems in place in order to boost efficiency, streamline business processes, and better utilise its administrative time. Businesses are adopting new technologies by Engineering Service Providers yet still face implementation pains and steep learning curves. Businesses are in need of an Engineering Service Provider with the ability to seamlessly set up the systems to facilitate execution of construction projects within the defined budgets, specified time frames and with the expected quality requirements.

Perfectly poised in this sector is Pune headquartered Engineering Design Software and Services with its robust and innovative Hit-Office Construction ERP. “Hit-Office Construction ERP is functional in the Indian market for the past 19 years and enjoys a customer base of over 1500 clients. It is sold with an elaborate implementation process. The product itself and the service model are based on a very customer centric Design Thinking process,” informs Mrinalini Kulkarni, Director at Engineering Design Software & Services.

She goes on to tell us how the software came into being. It was created by H.P. Linden, a well-renowned company involved in the construction domain for the past eight decades in Belgium. EDSS fully programmed and developed the product in collaboration with the Belgian company who are backed with deep domain expertise and industry-rich experience. Hit-Office Construction ERP is a software that is developed By Construction People For Construction People. “The product is built on global standards and yet is extremely flexible to be used in various scenarios respecting the local rules and regulations and methodologies of construction,” says Mrinalini.

Delivering a Comprehensive Suite of Offerings
Delving deeper into understanding the offerings of the software, Mrinalini goes on to tell us how it facilitates thorough resource planning and utilization for the construction projects. The feature-rich offering is equipped with 24 integrated modules comprising Master Libraries, Estimation, Budgeting, Project Planning and Scheduling, Procurements, Subcontract management and Billing, Project Progress tracking and profitability , Invoicing and Accounts, Pre sales and Post sales, to name a
few. Hit-Office ERP also has other modules like Trade for trading goods, Service for service providing companies and waste management. The ERP software caters to the requirements of the industry by facilitating systematic execution within the defined budgets. Additionally, it ensures the seamless flow of data across the modules and eliminates the need for entering the same information multiple times making it simple for users and giving a holistic view of the data. “Hit-Office Construction ERP is a software that connects the sites to the head office through internet. Therefore, the information about all the projects is available at a single click at any point in time. Mobile apps make it handy for the busy decision makers to approve various documents on the go,” adds Mrinalini.

Hit-Office Construction ERP is functional in the Indian market for the past 19 years and enjoys a customer base of over 1500 clients. It is sold with an elaborate implementation process

Assuring Successful ERP Implementation
Once successfully deployed, the software ensures that the customers derive tremendous benefits of planning, managing the projects systematically, achieving the budget and overall control of the projects with meaningful insights for further decision making. What Mrinalini feels works best in helping organizations achieve their business goals and ensure a successful implementation of the ERP, is adopting the strategic approach of being in a continuous dialogue with the key industry stakeholders in understanding the business’s unique needs. This also enables EDSS with its team of experts to furnish its clients with features out-of-the-box and solve the problems faced by the companies. EDSS also understands the industry’s need for professionals with prior knowledge of using ERP systems. Thus the company provides training and project work for T.E, B.E and Masters students of Civil Engineering. “Along with the knowledge of using Construction ERP on construction projects, the students get to learn from our implementers how processes are structured in a construction company, what are the best practices followed and as future professionals what are the qualities that will be looked for,” reveals Mrinalini.

With a clear vision to provide the construction industry with the most practical, usable and result oriented state-of-the-art software products and tools, EDSS is currently working on development for cell phones, Hit-Office Web and Hit-Office Insights projects. In addition to this, the estimation of COPQ (cost of poor quality) in construction project is another interesting feature that EDSS is planning to launch.