Fidrox: Delivering High Accuracy Facial Recognition System With Powerful Workflow Capabilities For Enterprise

CIO Vendor According to a recent research conducted by Allied Market Research, the global facial recognition market is projected to reach USD 9.58 billion by 2022. This technology has been gaining prominence in recent years due to the rise in demand for robust fraud detection and prevention systems, proliferation of mobile devices and increasing users and data security initiatives by government. However, lack of accuracy, high cost of implementation and the incapability of the Facial Recognition System to integrate with the other existing subsystems are the major drawbacks of the systems available in the market today.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Bangalore based Fidrox offers Facial Recognition Biometric System, which is engine agnostic, and brings value to customer in terms of choosing the underlying engine and changing at any point of time. Fidrox FRS system provides high accuracy and integrates with any heterogeneous systems in an enterprise like, Visitor and Contractor Management, Employee Attendance Management, Physical Access Control and even for Airport Check-in and security for congestion free experience to passengers. The solution is easy-to-install, maintain and includes stunning features such as real-time monitoring and alert management, real-time analysis, and can scale up to a large number of users. Founded by a team of technology professionals, who have decades of demonstrated experience in diverse technologies and systems integration solutions across multiple business domains, Fidrox has developed this excellent Face Recognition system with Face detection, face identification and face verification features. Moreover, the additional features such as emotion analysis, demographics analysis and multi-face detection and tracking of this system, makes it a complete Human analytics system.

Innovative Technologies and Systems Integration Solutions
Fidrox develops its own products and solutions and provides Innovative technologies and systems integration solutions in mobility, security and enterprise collaboration and productivity as well. “By partnering with best in class product companies, we offer cost- effective business solutions that help in increasing productivity and revenue,” affirms Raj Gopal, CEO of Fidrox.

Data Extraction
The company can build software layers which can stitch heterogeneous system which exists in the eco systems and operates as silos. The solution will extract data the customer requires for data analysis, and analytics. The company is familiar in providing solutions in Identity Management landscape and has worked with large enterprises and cloud vendors by
offering them the workflow applications that are agnostic of any face recognition engine. “Our workflow application is built based on a particular algorithm and is designed in such a way that the clients can replace the engine with an engine of their choice, based on the nature of the application,” says Raj Gopal.

Currently, Fidrox is working on migrating an old Identity and Access management systems for one its international client with a completely advanced and secure system. The old system was vendor dependent, whereas the current system deployed by Fidrox is vendor agnostic. Also, for one of its global customers, Fidrox has deployed the complete Identity management solution across US, Canada, South America, Europe, India and APAC office locations. Fidrox has presence in the US and European countries.

Fidrox offers Face Recognition based Biometric Solution, for Visitor & Contract Management system, Access Control and Airport Passenger congestion management that provides high accuracy, with the capabilities to integrate heterogeneous systems in Identity and access control

Congestion Management Solution for Airports using Face Recognition Systems
Despite the number of challenges faced by the Airline industry, this industry is expected to maintain positive growth rates. According to a recent research conducted by the International Air Transport Association, the number of passengers transported by airlines will reach 8.2 billion by 2037. This not only creates immense pressure on airports to provide solutions for faster, reliable and easy processing of passengers and baggage but also addresses the ever growing need for enhanced security. This is where Fidrox comes into the picture. The company has developed a solution for reducing passenger congestion and provide enhanced passenger experience at Airports. Passengers can access their area seamlessly till the boarding of flight by face recognition-based passenger validation and not compromising on the security needs.

Fidrox has also developed biometric solution using facial recognition that comprises GIS mapping and access management profiles of an employee. The GIS systems classifies different zones for employee access and the system ensures that only the authorized employees are allowed to enter certain zones that are highly restricted to other employees.