Future Wave Technologies: Harnessing The Power Of Wearable Technology For A Safer Environment

CIO Vendor The wearable devices market is reaching new heights across the globe. This growth can be attributed to increasing awareness and a tech savvy generation that have aligned themselves with the desire to be healthy and fit, making wearable products such as fitness bands, smart watches and smart rings the ideal go-to products as they are highly accurate in measuring fitness parameters and health indicators. As this market caters to both the B2C and B2B segment, the highly informed customers expect the product to have a contemporary design, efficient power consumption, instantaneous product updates sans the need to visit the store or courier the device to the service center, advanced features and technology, functional aspects and effective customer support all the while being eco-friendly. The recent acquisition of Fitbit by Google and the wearable products introduced by technology titans like Amazon, Apple and OnePlus only goes to prove that this market is scheduled for an exponential growth in the near future. The competition in this market segment is fierce. Innovation is the key.

Striving to continually innovate is Mumbai headquartered Future Wave Technologies that have combined advancing technologies and its unique initiative to make women feel safe to create its novel women’s safety wearable product, STAR MATE. The smart ring was designed and developed with a vision to create a safety ecosystem for women. “We have a 360 degree safety solution that covers most situations when a woman is on the move and likely to face a dangerous situation and these are largely covered by our solution so that a spouse, parent or caregiver will be able to help in the event of an emergency situation. All that the user is required to do is tap the device with just the thumb and instantly this action sends out a SOS alert along with the real-time location of the user to the nominated contacts,” informs Aldrin Alphonso, Director of Future Wave Technologies.

Offering a Plethora of Easy-to-use Features
The feature-rich product includes an NMM component where the users can have their journey ‘live-tracked’ by their contacts and in the event of any deviations occurring, the system alerts the contacts with a provision that they can make a flash call to the user or emergency services. The product’s crowd sourced feature, CRZ, can be leveraged to tag locations deemed dangerous by the user along with the ability to take a picture and store it. This data is then amalgamated to create a heat map where anyone can visit the company’s website and view danger spots across the world. In conjunction with this, the product is equipped with a unique ‘Action
Button’ that essentially automates tasks wherein with just a sequenced tap on the device the user can book a cab, make a call or take a selfie. Additionally, the product will also offer, in a phased manner, Air Quality Index (PM 2.5), Pollen and UV alerts followed by Wearable enabled payments.

Having made significant advancements in this sector, Future Wave Technologies was recognized globally for its contributions in the wearable technology domain and won the 10th IOT/WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP, an international contest conducted by Wearable Technologies, Germany. The company was selected from more than 900 entries worldwide and were adjudged the winner in the Gaming & Lifestyle category.

We have a 360 degree safety solution that covers most situations when a woman is on the move and likely to face a dangerous situation and these are largely covered by our solution

Gearing Up for the Future
With many more milestones to be achieved, the company has mapped out its future roadmap. Continually endeavouring to stay ahead of emerging technologies and ensure complete customer satisfaction, the team of experts at Future Wave Technologies envisions introducing an alternative to Bluetooth Low Energy that the product is currently working on and have directed its focus towards researching on developing wearable products that will work and connect without being dependent on Bluetooth yet deliver the same features. “We are exploring various technologies such as nanosatellite based connectivity and embedded/integrated SIM’s that offer inherent advantages in connectivity and worldwide use without the need to change your phone number,” reveals Aldrin.

Furthermore, the team plans to embed additional sensors such as the 9axis accelerometer cum gyroscope, heart and pulse rate, humidity and barometric sensors that will create new avenues into creating new products in the health, leisure, sports and adventure segments. In the enterprise area, the company will be introducing products for people and asset tracking, broadcast marketing and home/building security. Aldrin signs off with his future business expansion plans, “We will be going global and are confident that our products being world class will be acceptable worldwide where we will proudly offer a ‘Made in India’ product.”