Genuus Brand Advisory: Delivering Marketing Technology Solutions Using Holistic Approach

CIO Vendor It is crucial to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting new trends in the marketing technology landscape as this market is rapidly evolving with distinct software technologies every day. With many choices, marketers have to gain a clear understanding of choosing the right marketing technology solution as it will help them have control of digital marketing activities. Moreover, while purchasing a new marketing technology solution, organizations are looking for solution providers who can architect a solution that addresses the client’s requirements and fits into the organization’s existing systems.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Mumbai based Genuus, a go-to company for marketing technology solutions provides marketing technology platforms and solutions that address the exact requirements of the clients and can be easily integrated with the client’s existing systems without any hassle. Focused on developing a deep understanding of what it takes for a brand to grow, the company proposes marketing technology solutions to clients by carefully viewing the client requirements from a holistic approach. This approach covers the four quadrants that include Conceptualization, Development, Implementation and Support.

AI driven integrated experience management platform
The Experience Management Software has become one of the must-have tools that support the organization's digital transformation journey. Genuus’ AI driven integrated experience management platform solution empowers marketing teams to create personalized content, deliver impactful marketing campaigns, boost marketing funnel velocity and manage troves of marketing assets. This end-to-end Marketing platform empowers CMOs with the ability to create, publish, curate content and engage with various segments of customers through a single console. This platform includes three components such as Digital Asset Management, Experience hub and Digital Marketing Performance Management.

API driven Interface
Marketers can curate and manage all their media files, digital artworks, images, videos, architectural drawings, power point presentations, documents and other media content. “Our API driven interface provides seamless integration with other applications such as content management systems, email marketing platforms etc.,” affirms Amit V.S. Tandon, CEO of Genuus Brand Advisory.
Manage, Personalize and Distribute Content across Multiple Channels
Genuus’ hybrid cloud Content Management System allows marketers to manage, personalize and distribute content across multiple channels. Through this system, organizations can extend content not just to ecommerce and corporate web sites, mobile apps and social media, but also to IoT devices, voice assistants, kiosks and digital signage.

Gain control of digital marketing activities
The Digital Marketing Performance Management (DMPM) acts as a single console for all the digital marketing activities. By providing analytics of digital marketing, this system empowers marketers to manage and segment contacts, execute social media. Most importantly, DMPM helps marketing teams to gain control of digital marketing activities by reducing dependencies of external resources and helps in executing personalized campaigns across multiple channels, monitor digital media spends and measure results.

Our API driven interface provides seamless integration with other applications such as content management systems, email marketing platforms etc.

“Genuus is a group of young, passionate professionals that comprises a mixture of content marketing specialists, product engineers, UX specialists, Digital Marketing specialists, Cloud engineers and Strategy planners. We also have empaneled experts in AI, Blockchain virtual and voice assistance domains,” says Amit. “What differentiates us from the rest is our unique pricing mechanism. Through this mechanism we propose enterprise-centric cost that factors unlimited users, so that our clients need not have to worry about the accountability of users as they scale-up or scale-down, but only focus on the accountability of usage,” he adds.

The Journey ahead
Currently, Genuus is working with a private sector bank to deliver a connected user experience across its digital channels namely ATMs, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. Also, with the help of its marketing asset management platform, the company has helped a largest retail manage its digital assets. Moving forward, Genuus is planning to build and market IoT services platform for technology partners and channel partners for a Singapore-based company. Having carved a niche for itself in the Marketing Technology domain in India, the company plans to expand its presence into the Middle East and South East Asian countries by 2021.