Greenhonchos: Delivering Value To Ecommerce Businesses

CIO Vendor The eCommerce industry is at an inflection point with rapid, unprecedented growth witnessed for quite some time now. Even the major offline players who earlier missed the bandwagon are catching up to stay relevant in today’s disruptive retail market. Brands want to merge their customer’s experience across Offline and Online touchpoints, providing a unified seamless experience. Hence, efficiency is required throughout the lifecycle: Multi-channel Commerce, Customer engagement and Digital marketing. There are a host of problems that need to be addressed across generating targeted traffic, capturing quality leads, customer-retention, delivering Omni-channel customer experience and most importantly choosing the right technologies built for scale and agility.

Understanding current challenges in the eCommerce space, a company based in Noida – GreenHonchos delivers a suite of optimized solutions which helps their clients in ensuring brand loyalty, while keeping a close eye on the total cost of ownership (TCO). The company is consistently innovating with solutions to enable their clients to digitally transform their business and exceed desired goals. “GreenHonchos has been actively serving the Indian market for over past 5 years. The team has deep domain understanding of Global eRetail markets from the last decade of experience,” says Navin Joshua, Co-Founder & Director, GreenHonchos. “Our passion to develop effective business solutions for the Indian market has led to the evolution of GreenHonchos in its current avatar as a 360-degree Commerce Solutions Partner. We have strong business practices in Consulting, Technology, Digital &Marketplace,” he adds.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity for Clients
Enabling their clients to focus on key business operations such as innovation in the Merchandise & Planning area, GreenHonchos coherently takes care of all the other hassles of eCommerce related to Sales planning, Digital marketing, Online branding, Omni channel, and Fulfilment assistance, while keeping a bird’s eye view on Online P&L drivers,
with a layer of Analytics to visualize the levers of growth. Agile tech platforms for retail commerce, tailored to suit their unique requirements – different for SMEs versus Enterprise businesses, both B2C and B2B. There are multiple steps in online shopping - from product discovery to final purchase - where customers can exit from the funnel at any stage in this process. Hence, understanding the key to eCommerce success is to identify the steps where these drops happen, GreenHonchos’ tech-enabled solutions provide a proprietary customer ‘Journey Map’ which identifies 9 steps that can be leveraged to bring in additional sales to a client’s business.

Our passion to develop effective business solutions for the Indian market has led to the evolution of GreenHonchos in its current avatar as a 360-degree Commerce Solutions Partner

Delivering Additional Sales to a Client’s Business
“We are investing heavily in Technology which is guided by what our client’s scale of business needs. We are also introducing a next-gen storebuilder SaaS, powered by Serverless tech, which is tailor-made specifically to India eCommerce space. With a vision to deliver high-end technology to even small merchants with a differentiated catalog/selection, we will be launching it within these next 3 months,” concludes Sumit Agarwal, Co-Founder & Director, GreenHonchos. As part of their tech roadmap, the team has developed separate cart products for SME as well as Enterprise market, which they claim have notably higher conversions rate as compared to other products in the market. Furthermore, GreenHonchos’ omni-capabilities for cross-channel brands as well as their B2B product extensions have good traction for Retailers that are looking for an end-to-end online presence to mobilize their channel business. “The experience of working on all the sub-niches of eCommerce gives us a unique perspective to bring innovative yet effective solutions for our clients,” justifies Navin Joshua.