Hitachi Solutions: Harnessing The Power Of Microsoft Technologies To Drive Digital Transformation

CIO Vendor With the wave of digital transformation taking over, almost every enterprise is in the process of a transition, rigorously trying to cope with the fast-paced changes and an increasingly fluid business environment. This transition is propelled by the need of businesses to continue staying relevant in the market by updating their legacy systems to leverage the latest technologies. Additionally, most businesses are adopting a customer-centric approach as today’s better informed customers demand personalized experiences and services. Each organization is in a constant endeavour towards engaging meaningfully with customers, optimizing operations, empowering employees and transforming products. Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications act as a strong catalyst in this digital transformation initiative. Enterprises are on the lookout for certified Microsoft partner that can help accelerate their journey towards digital transformation by successfully leveraging Microsoft Technologies and helping them become future ready.

Well positioned to cater to this domain is multiple award winning, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Hitachi Solutions, a subsidiary of Hitachi, known as a business application consulting firm and trusted provider of vertical industry solutions built on the Microsoft Cloud. “We are a global company with local reach. Our defined ‘Consensus’ approach helps us enable the digital transformation for one and all. Our regional teams understand the local/regional nuances and bring unmatched Dynamics 365 expertise to the table,” says Kazutaka Ota, Chief Executive Officer at Hitachi Solutions India.

The company takes pride in the work done and the recognition gained over the years. Hitachi Solutions has received numerous prestigious awards and accolades such as 42x Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner, 19x Microsoft Customer Excellence Winner, 18x Microsoft Inner Circle Achievement and 20x Microsoft Presidents Club Achievement. The company has been able to cater to its clients with its global presence with regional offices located in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Japan, China, and Asia Pacific. “We are a part of one of the largest companies in the world and bring to bear the strength of a large network of interconnected Hitachi companies. At the same time, we remain absolutely committed to maintain our agility that has helped us grow Hitachi Solutions from three founding partners to nearly 3,000 consultants, developers and support personnel all around the globe,” informs Kazutaka.

Ensuring Successful Implementations
With deep industry experience and as one of the most experienced Microsoft partners, Hi- tachi Solutions have the expertise required to advise its clients on the entire portfolio of business applications from ERP to CRM to Analytics, IoT, field service and more. The company has been in
the ERP and CRM space for the last 13 years and takes pride in having one of the largest pools of Dynamics 365 certified consultants who have worked on more than 300 different implementations.

Once the client is on-board with Hitachi Solutions, a dedicated consulting team is assigned to work with the organization, at the client’s office location, in order to ensure that user adoption is high and all questions are answered. The knowledgeable and experienced team at Hitachi Solutions assures its customers the latest Microsoft content and updates throughout the entire implementation process. Post implementation, the company proffers flexible Managed Services support plans. “Our mission is to help our clients compete with the largest global enterprises by using powerful, easy to use and affordable industry solutions,” adds Kazutaka.

Our defined ‘Consensus’ approach helps us enable the digital transformation for one and all. Our regional teams understand the local/regional nuances and bring unmatched Dynamics 365 expertise to the table

The Value Brought to the Table
All in all, when customers partner with Hitachi Solutions, they can expect the following:

• The team members bring infectious energy that drives total commitment, quality, integrity, and professionalism.

• The skilled and motivated team members at Hitachi Solutions work ceaselessly with clients.

• The company works efficiently, urgently, and with pride of ownership that exceeds the clients’ expectations.

• The company draws from its extensive resource network to provide maximum innovation and value.

• Hitachi Solutions partners with its clients to understand their unique formula for success and encourages their input to improve the way the final solution is delivered and attain measurable results.

• The company provides responsive, personalized service with tailored solutions enabling sustainable business advantage to the clients.

Commanding a massive market presence, Hitachi Solutions are currently working on multiple projects and are focusing on the Indian market where the company envisions continuing to bring value to its customers.