Infonoble Solutions: Deploying Multichannel Cloud Customer Interaction Platform For Improved Customer Experience

CIO Vendor India today is backed with technology-led disruptions, emerging SMEs and emerging economies that are radically changing the business landscape. Enterprises across various industry verticals are adopting contact center solutions to provide customers with enhanced experience and create greater business value. Equipping businesses with the right contact center infrastructure and solutions to respond to omnichannel conversations and its better informed customers is imperative for success. However, building a contact center requires aligning the business with multiple vendors comprising application providers, telecom service providers, system integrators, and other participants in the value chain, each providing a varied level of service resulting in an inconsistent experience for the end user. Moreover, solutions functioning in a multiple vendor environment are prone to integration issues. Businesses are on the lookout to invest in a comprehensive solution that ensures improved overall end-user experience, optimized manageability and single ownership that ultimately achieves long-term success.

Perfectly poised to meet the aforementioned requirements and empowering contact centers to deliver a seamless customer experience, Delhi headquartered InfoNoble offers a unified, multichannel cloud customer interaction platform designed and developed to be affordable and easy to manage, with fast and flexible implementation. The company provides a robust combination of its technology, people and partners to smartly transform one-on-one experiences. The contact center platform is a single supplier solution with a distinct software stack that caters to companies hailing from a myriad of industry verticals. “At this point of time, the contact center market is dependent on multiple vendors for the complete backend process, which includes Telephony, Digital and CRM Vendors. InfoNoble with its bundled offering of Telephony, Digital and CRM offering allows the customer to not worry about technology and focus on their core business,” adds Ashish VDT, Director at InfoNoble Solutions.

The company focuses on understanding the customers’ business and its unique pain points which are then addressed through its highly customizable platform. The platform’s uniqueness lies in its skill based Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software that acts as an efficient call resolution solution architected to match callers in queue to best suitable agents. “Pulling in essential customer data from CRMs like Salesforce, the software makes it easy for non-technical users to use and update ACD. The ACD system is the “core” of the InfoNoble platform as all of the company’s solutions require automatic call distribution and are built on its functionality,” informs Ashish. InfoNoble offers smart routing for interactions across all channels, including outbound voice as well, thus enabling organizations to connect with customers seamlessly regardless of the stage of customer communication lifecycle.

Some of the key features of InfoNoble’s platform include inbound call and email routing, outbound dialling, quality, and performance management, live customer chat, self-service IVR, open APIs to integrate with internal / external applications, and a new browser-based Web Phone powered by WebRTC.
Eliminating Potential Security Risks
Considering the high potential of sophisticated and financially motivated hackers that target contact centers for their amassed Personally Identifiable Information – including payment details and customer’s Ids, it is imperative to implement effective safeguard measures in order to avoid any data security compromises. Eliminating the aspirations of every attacker, InfoNoble effectively addresses the concern of data security at the system architecture level by following the principle of least privilege user access (LUA) at the core of the system. Taking a step further towards providing impenetrable security, the company proffers various features for data security such as Number, DTMF & Customer particulars masking, Regular Penetration Testing of the critical deployments, Customizable Access Controls and supports Multi-Factor Authentication as well as easy integration with Data Leak Prevention Systems.

Ashish VD Thapliyal, Director

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Requirements
Having gained a significant market presence, InfoNoble with its customer-first approach and omni-channel CRM product, NobleCRM, has helped a plethora of businesses achieve effective customer relationship management for some of its well-renowned clientele such as Suzuki Motorcycles, SIG Combibloc, Burda International, Jaypee Group, Quest Diagnostics and Hartron Communications.

InfoNoble was approached by Suzuki Motorcycles, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, whose aim was to implement an effective CRM system which can better coordinate between multiple sites and manage copious amounts of data with central access. The client required a complete Contact Centre Solution (Dialler application) and a seamless integration with CRM. InfoNoble implemented its innovative product, NobleCRM that helped increase pipeline, sales productivity, sales win rate and the forecast accuracy. Also, the product is said to have improved the client’s customer satisfaction in tandem with providing increased visibility and control.

InfoNoble with its bundled offering of Telephony, Digital and CRM offering allows the customer to not worry about technology and focus on their core business

Having carved a niche for itself, the company is now focused on expanding its Channel Model by being constantly on the lookout for people who understand the intricacies of the Contact Center Industries. The company also plans to enhance its workforce by expanding its sales infrastructure while continually raising the bar for industry peers.