Infragistics: Delivering End-To-end UX And UI Design Tools With User centric Approach

CIO Vendor According to a report by RingCentral, 69 percent of employees waste up to 60 minutes a day which amounts to 32 days a year just navigating between different enterprise applications, killing business productivity. This is being seen as a wake-up call for enterprises to consider an integrated and user-centric app strategy with improved user experience (UX) since improving the user experience delivers benefits that go well beyond ease of operations to increased productivity and ROI. Unfortunately a vast majority of organisations tend to alter their business processes to suit their software applications, but not the other way around. This eventually costs them a lot of money apart from draining productivity. Hence, businesses are looking for an expert vendor who can guide them with right set of design and development tools and UI frameworks to enhance their application’s user experience in line with their business requirements.

Perfectly understanding the concerns of enterprises, Infragistics, a company specializing in UI/UX design tools, has come forward to address them with a unified platform that offers tools and capabilities to drive productivity along with amazing user experience. Indigo. Design is an integrated platform delivered by Infragistics that brings together visual design, UX prototyping, code generation and app development covering every aspect from design to development. The Indigo Design system comes with 45+ UX/ UI patterns that facilitate the app design process and ensure a beautiful and robust design. It also offers complete source-code in HTML, CSS & Angular code from any design. Indigo. Design also enables client’s team to quick start design with its core building blocks and then customize as per their unique business requirements and user-experience. The company also offers rich Business Intelligence and Analytics tools that can be deployed as an application or can be embedded into existing solutions.

Four-step Strategy to Improve Productivity
“We see a huge market opportunity for design and development tools & UI frameworks that can deliver accelerated time to market, cost savings and the massive UX wow-factor to differentiate in a growing and crowded market,” informs Rohit Gaur, Managing Director of the company. “To help clients improve business productivity and user-experience, we follow a four step strategy in delivering end-to-end services that improves application design and development, and collaboration for any organization. The four step strategy involves Sketch UI Kits in the form of Sketch Libraries that include components, patterns, and apps; Indigo. Design Cloud that includes services for image-based prototyping and collaboration with stakeholders; Visual Studio Code Extension that generates Angular code from Sketch designs and Ignite UI for Angular that
includes UI components and controls for high performance, touch-first mobile and desktop web apps,” a unique strategy that helps improve client’s business productivity.

Ease of Design with Code-free Prototyping
Infragistics with its Indigo.Design desktop platform enables businesses to create designs for desktop or mobile using code-free prototyping with rich interactivity and UI statetransitions. Its built-in UI packs and reusable design libraries help jump start the designs and publish to the cloud workspace to collaborate and view prototypes on any device. Infragistics also provides services for cloud integration, including collaboration and usability studies that let teams go beyond the desktop.
The company’s enterprise ready UX and UI toolkits are used by developers across the world to rapidly prototype and build highperforming applications for the cloud, web, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. “Our diverse culture and shareholders from India, South America, Eastern & Western Europe, Japan and the United States help us build software that meets the global customer and market needs. We are looking forward to launching a cloud-based design and development platform based on heavy market research and customer feedback to revolutionize how development teams build software by including customers in the journey,” concludes Rohit Gaur.

To help clients improve business productivity and user-experience, we follow a four step strategy in delivering end-to-end services that improves application design and development, and collaboration for any organization

Involving Users in the Design Process
For any enterprise, end user satisfaction is the key to build the brand value and reputation of the business, and it is largely determined by UI and UX development. Infragistics helps businesses improve the user satisfaction with a user-centric approach by involving the users in the designing process and by continuously evolving the products and services based on the customer’s feedback. “With Indigo.Design’s cloud-based Usability Studies feature, product managers, UX researchers and developers can create ad-hoc usability studies in order to improve the product user experience thereby effectuating end-user satisfaction. Our experts with decades of experience collaborate with client’s team right from the beginning to design solutions with the best possible user experience. We not only help them in the design phase but also in the entire UX & development lifecycle of the project to deliver the desired outcomes,” highlights Rohit Gaur.