iPrint: Transforming Ordinary Spaces With Creative Concepts And Applications

The landscape of the printing industry in India is gradually evolving. Spatial branding and large format printing is more than just a way to advertise a product but rather an attempt at creating an emotional connect between customers and a brand. It is an effective way of visually addressing a brand image, and systematically integrating it into physical space. The surrounding environment and spatial design must co-exist by ensuring the creative use of material and installations in sync with customer's brand identity. All this can be achieved by partnering with the right vendor that understands and meets each customer’s unique requirements right from ideation to completion of project. A solution provider that continually adapts to newer technologies and adopts the path of creativity and customization with a unique approach to servicing its customers is what is needed to bring about this revolutionary change in the Indian market.

The company holds one of the leadership positions in this domain owing to its experience of execution of over 75 Lac sq. ft. floor space and have created a strong market presence in its five years in the industry

Revamping spaces with its creative spatial branding solutions that meet every customers offset as well as digital printing requirements on a whole new range of surfaces which were never possible before is Mumbai headquartered iPrint. “In our offering, we provide pan India execution, printing, conceptualization of execution and ideas along with the latest printing technology and material. We were one of the first companies to initiate use of non-adhesive textured wall covering in commercial spaces instead of PVC Vinyls,” informs Jigar Shah, Founder of iPrint.

Apart from its Pan India reach where the company, aside from catering to its customers in Mumbai, have expanded its base in delivering beautiful office spaces across Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal and Gurgaon, iPrint prides itself on its production capacity of more than 3000- 4000sq.ft. per day. In conjunction with this, the company holds one of the leadership positions in this domain owing to its experience of execution of over 75 Lac sq. ft. floor space and have created a strong market presence in its five years in the industry. Going an extra mile to assure superior levels of customer satisfaction, iPrint has tied up with one of the best artist, 3D Mural artisit, Painters and Fabricators in order to provide a 360 degree solution.

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations
The company has put in place a set process that will drive maximum efficiency and assure happy customers. Once the customer is onboard, a team of skilled professionals work at understanding the requirements and
the design and concept envisioned by the client. Post this, iPrint leverages its expertise to provide its client with suggestions of different material, or what better can be done using the same design but changing the execution form. The team works in tandem with the architect and the design agency to come up with newer mediums to enhance the expectation. “This approach has helped us garner and execute some of the biggest projects ranging from 1 Lac sq. ft. to 15 Lac sq. ft. of floor space. And with innovation being one of our core beliefs, for us each project and each space is new and we try to provide different forms, media and product for each,” says Jigar. The company aims at developing an ecosystem where any customer that partners with iPrint, gets more innovative and newer execution ideas for their spaces.

Gearing Up for the Future
Continually striving to stay ahead of various emerging technologies in order to deliver innovative solutions and services to its customers, the company believes in upgrading its machinery as and when required and as such have been one of the first users of HP UV Colourspan machine to being one of the first buyers of Jetrix UV machines. Perfectly understanding that Wide Format Printing plays a major role in spatial branding, iPrint has just started using this offering for interiors and architectural projects off lately. Wide format printing gives freedom to print on plywood, MDF and even glass while simultaneously offering the flexibility to print on wallpapers, canvas and glass films.

Having made significant progress in this sector and envisaging continuing to create creative spaces, Jigar reveals his future plans for iPrint as he signs off, “We are currently working on projects in Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai and Bangalore. We are working on more than 20 Lac sq. Ft. of floor spaces. In 2020, we will be establishing offices in Pune and Hyderabad to cater to the upcoming markets there.”