L&T Technology Services: Revolutionizing The Engineering Services Space With Innovative Er&D Design And Consulting

CIO Vendor India is gradually emerging as a global engineering and design hub for multiple domains and industries owing to the implementation and success of initiatives such as ‘Make in India’. Currently, digital engineering accounts for around 25 percent of the total global ER&D spend. Enterprises have been focusing on certain expectations in order to maximize the benefits from digital engineering initiatives. Enterprises require engineering services’ companies to identify and build products and services that are scalable and support legacy products, effectively support the customer with an agile, iterative model translating to faster GTM and reconfigure, re-skill and rejuvenate the engineering workforce ensuring the team is in parallel with the latest developments in technology. Additionally, the market is witnessing a paradigm shift in consumption patterns as consumers are on the lookout to be a part of and consume an experience ‘as a service’, where the scope of work of the solution provider spans the entire life-cycle of product development right from product ideation, design, market strategies, utilities offered, maintenance and so on.

Perfectly poised in this sector is technology behemoth L&T Technology Services Ltd (LTTS), in the Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services space where its unique propositionlies in its delivery of ER&D design and consulting services to global customers across the entire value chain of product development and manufacturing operations with an engineering domain expertise across all major industries. “At LTTS, our strategy has been simple - to offer engineering design expertise and a wide spectrum of services covering multiple sectors to provide customers with holistic engineering support across their business framework,” explains Dr. Keshab Panda, CEO and Managing Director at L&T Technology Services.

Driving Innovation
Committed to successfully delivering high-end digital projects for its clients, LTTS has 50 R&D Labs across the country and design centers in California, Peoria, Illinois, Germany and India. The company supports its engineers to spend a week across the labs to work on solutions and innovations that spark an interest. This initiative has resulted in over 4,000 engineers having come out with new PoCs and technical papers in the past year itself. LTTS’ exhaustive portfolio of 400 technology patents opens up a myriad of avenues for engineering services companies. “Our ability to develop exciting patents as well as engineer a number of ground-breaking devices such as the world’s first Gyroscrewdriver, world’s smartest office campus in Israel and the world’s first autonomous robot is a testament to our speed and innovation capabilities, making LTTS a multinational with a culture of a buzzing start-up,” adds Dr. Panda.

Delivering Robust Automated Testing Framework
Completely understanding an organization’s need for an automated testing framework that effectively optimizes a team’s test speed and efficiency,
lowers risks, enhances test accuracy, and reduces test maintenance costs, the company designed and developed Cogmation, an in-house Test Automation Framework for multi-platform and multi-device automation. The framework has been engineered to seamlessly integrate multiple test components, based on the unique device and platform configurations, and provides results powered by internal validation algorithms. “Our test automation framework also has a proven 40 percent reduction in testing cycle time and a 70-100 percent automation coverage for functional and performance cases,” reveals Dr. Panda.

At LTTS, our strategy has been simple - to offer engineering design expertise and a wide spectrum of services covering multiple sectors to provide customers with holistic engineering support across their business framework

Scaling New Heights
With its inception in 2009, LTTS commenced its journey as a division of Larsen & Toubro with annual revenues of around 60 million dollars. Today, after a decade of operations, the company’s revenue run-rate stands at around 800 million dollars. With a global market presence, the company has catered to a multitude of well-renowned organizations hailing from a wide range of industries such as Ground Transport & Aerospace, Industrial Products, Telecom & HiTech, Medical Devices & Healthcare and the Process Industry.

One of its core solutions is AiKno, an Industrial Engineering AI offering that acts as acognitive intelligence framework. The offering has been designed to combine contextual intelligence and AIto enable customers to develop a range of digital virtual agents, problem solving applications and robotic process automations. The platform harnesses the power of various advancing technologies such as Advanced Image Processing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and self-learning AI algorithms to efficiently perform its functions and continually update its functionalities. “The framework has been developed to host and integrate a range of intelligent solutions and build a general-purpose framework for customers. Solutions developed include smart building framework i-BEMS, in-house IoT solution UBIQWeise and energy optimization solution WAGES,” informs Dr. Panda.

Gearing up for the future, LTTS envisages expanding its portfolio of offerings while staying abreast of emerging technologies. Dr. Panda signs off on a positive note, “It is my endeavour to leverage our leadership position to make India the preferred hub for all ER&D innovation being undertaken by our global customers.”