Magmasoft: Combining Decades Of Casting Process Knowledge With Simulation Competence

CIO Vendor Casting process has its roots dating back to nearly 5000 years; hence, it has undoubtedly been an integral part of mankind’s life for centuries. With the changing trends and the advancement in technologies, it has laid forth newer methodologies and opportunities which can be harnessed for a better delivery of the casting process with quality results. As casted parts have to be rigorous in quality, safety and performance standards, many players in this industry are incorporating simulation software to their offerings so as to cater to the current need of the hour. This technology is considerably aiding the process of delivering reliable, high-precision, and cost-effective components in the casting process by accurately detecting defects and eliminating them, thereby, seamlessly optimizing the ability of the casting process.

One of the pioneers in this segment with decades of experience is a Germany based company –MAGMA that has made its mark in this segment. Being successful in its endeavor of delivering best-in-standard casting solutions by harnessing the capabilities of Autonomous Engineering, the company has been hand-holding its clients in the entire process from designing to the shipment of the casting. Looking forward to penetrating further into the promising market of India, it has also recently launched its subsidiary in Hyderabad, Telangana to efficiently cater to the growing market of the country.

“MAGMA’s product and service portfolio includes the powerful, modular software MAGMASOFT®, and engineering services for casting design and optimization. With a commitment to casting excellence, we actively work with our customers to integrate the progressive technology of simulation into their operations,” says Dr. Jörg Sturm, Managing Director, MAGMAGmbH.

Raising the Bar in Casting Process Simulation with a Robust Approach
To achieve the desired end result of the casting process, it is very crucial to seamlessly go through the entire casting process with valid knowledge for an accurate decision making. And, this is where MAGMA’s competency comes to the picture through its robust optimizing tool – MAGMASOFT® – which improves metal casting quality, optimizing process conditions while considerably reducing production costs.

MAGMAapproach – fully integrated with the MAGMASOFT® is a systematic methodology to reach desired goals by performing simulations as virtual experiments put into action. From defining objectivity, understanding the variables involved in it, to delivering robust solution which befits the situation, this methodology helps simplify complex technical challenges and systematically addresses them using the appropriate engineering tools available in MAGMASOFT®. Even before the production has begun, the MAGMAapproach in combination with MAGMASOFT’s Autonomous Engineering establishes optimized and robust casting and tooling designs and process parameters. The MAGMAapproach provides metal casters, toolmakers and casting users with a new and more efficient means to realize cost reduction and value creation throughout their entire operation. Moreover, the integrated
methodologies of MAGMASOFT®, with the latest release version 5.4.1, facilitate the collaboration of casting designers and supply chain managers with experts from production – supporting simultaneous engineering or integrated product development processes systematically, efficiently and intelligibly. With unique built-in methodologies for virtual Designs of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization, the software automatically runs and assesses various casting design and process parameter combinations. This enables casting designers and manufacturing experts to source and evaluate possible design options comprehensively and take secured decisions in an early development phase.

With a commitment to casting excellence, we actively work with our customers to integrate the progressive technology of simulation into their operations

Helping the Industry Advance Parallel with the Rapidly Changing Time
MAGMA is not just focusing on delivering solutions, but also looking at the broader picture of being a trend setter while delivering information and knowledge in the segment of Casting Solutions. The company has been delivering education through its MAGMAacademy, which offers a wide array of opportunities for further education through training courses, workshops and seminars. It promises various opportunities both for personal and for professional continuing education to MAGMASOFT® users, and, as well as to those who want to understand and make use of casting simulation results.

“With a mission to fully integrate MAGMA in order for organizations to fully harness its capability, MAGMASOFT® can be called a technical management tool and not just an engineering tool, as it not only helps to solve engineering issues, but, also helps management to have an over-sight of entire operations, thereby enabling complete transparency. Our ambition is to be an indispensable part of this industry and help the industry move forward and advance parallel with the time,” concludes Dr. Jörg Sturm.

Magmainteract - Informative Software For 3d Result Visualization
In pursuit of garnering knowledge for better decision-making, MAGMA has recently added a free downloadable software to its website – MAGMAinteract - to its portfolio of solutions; informative software for the visualization of MAGMASOFT®results. This free 3D-viewer enables the intuitive display of information exported from MAGMASOFT® (starting from release v5.4.1). Furthermore, this software promotes communication between all parties interested in MAGMASOFT®results within an organization, and, as well as with suppliers and customers. This quick and easy presentation of information creates the basis for sound decisions. With technical requirements being Windows 7 or higher with basic graphic card supporting at least OpenGL 3.2, GLSL 1.50, MAGMAinteract enables interactive visualization of 3D MAGMASOFT®results, visualization of mold filling, solidification, distortion and quality criteria including results on pre-defined crosssections, interactive evaluation of designs of experiments in parallel coordinate diagrams, and animation of mold filling, solidification pattern and tracer particles.