Nanosoft Technologies: Bridging The Gap Between People, Technology And Services

CIO Vendor India is going through a conspicuous technological disruption currently, which is reshaping the overall aspects of how we can truly harness the ongoing technological advancements. As businesses are flourishing in the market, they are increasingly realizing the crucial role that technology can play in the success of one’s business. One major benefit today is enabling businesses to outsource non-business activities, thereby allowing them to properly focus on their core objectives. This has created a promising market for Facility Management (FM) solution providers, as it will not only be an add-on benefit, but actually the current necessity for businesses to stay relevant in today’s landscape. However, businesses need a solution which can effectively help them monitor their maintenance activities across various customer ends with control over resources, expenses and breakdowns.

Having expertise in both the front of delivering Process Automation and Business Benefits, a company that has been aiding its clients to computerize, organize and enhance their maintenance activities through a complete web based Computer Aided Facility Management software is Nanosoft Technologies. The company provides SMART FM products have various built-in features which significantly help the clients with streamlining, automating, speeding-up tasks, record keeping, managing asset fault history, among others, while enabling complete customization of the product to suit one’s business process. SMART FM is offered as on-premise with a one-time fee of licenses or also through SaaS Model with a monthly recurring fee.

If we look at it from a process perspective, SMART FM delivers complete automation – possible through mobile integrated with BMS, BIM & IOT devices; complete control – with resource monitoring, pre planned schedules and allocations; Online Approvals – reduces the waiting time. Further this significantly reduces hardship follow-ups and reminders, Facility Management (FM) teams are well informed about their responsibilities through real-time notifications. Its Business benefits include system accessibility from anywhere through web and mobile allowing the users to perform their activities seamlessly and monitor the utilization of resources, hence, benefitting engagement of all users with different roles and responsibilities.

“We believe that success of providing CAFM solution is by enhancing performance through power of data. When the right data is properly applied (People, Technology & Services), we help create perfect solution,” highlights Eashak Ali.B, Director, Nanosoft Group Middle East, India. “Our focus is to increase the usage and emphasize digital transactions to achieve paperless office,” he adds.
Enabling Connected Workforce for an Integrated Facility Management
Believing in “Connected Workforce” to justify an Integrated Facility Management which enables seamless process, job requests through mobility solutions for different stake holders involved, SMART FM has over 10 different products, based specifically on the roles and responsibilities of a FM company which includes back office core web application consisting all FM modules (Asset, Contracts, Maintenance Helpdesk, SLA, Checklists, Inventory, Procurement etc.), Mobile apps for Technicians/Field staffs to receive and complete work orders, and Mobile Apps for Management team, self service helpdesk portals to submit and track complaints and requests for occupants/tenants, Client Portal and Mobile apps for facility auditing, Geofencing based self service Time & Attendance, Visitor Management System, Supplier portals and Interface with BMS, BIM and IOT devices for connected building. Hence, SMART FM provides a complete package which delivers one-stop solution, or, the clients can even choose as per their business needs.

We believe that success of providing CAFM solution is by enhancing performance through power of data. When the right data is properly applied (People, Technology & Services), we help create perfect solution

“We have a strong presence in Middle East Market and all current projects are being delivered in Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Oman. We are expanding our Pre-Sales Consultant team in India to promote SMART FM range of products, and currently we are focused on investing more on IOT products for smart remote asset monitoring,” concludes Eashak Ali.B.

Fully automated end-to-end solution
“Indian market has opportunity to extend FM services to individual landlords and tenants and this is an untapped market by organized service providers. Our Smart FM B2C product enables FM service providers to serve this market by using easy to launch consumer apps where the consumers will be able to search for the home care services and submit requests with option to track and make online payments,” signifies Eashak Ali.B.

Nanosoft Technologies’ Smart FM B2C helps Facility Management companies to expand their business from B2B to B2C. It is a fully automated end to end solution from receiving a service order to completion which includes all necessary features to promote one’s services, receive and respond to online enquiries from consumers using smart web platform. This product will provide an intuitive website portal which is similar to an e-commerce promoting one’s services and enabling online booking. Moreover, this will also have mobility support and a dedicated team backing it.