Recktronic Devices & Systems: Delivering Water Scada Solutions Aided By Self-Developed Data Analytics Software

CIO Vendor Effective water management has become an essential task for people to address the water scarcity issue. Supplying water for cities is a complicated and slow process. Any changes in the water supply patterns and supply system should be rectified immediately and continuously monitored and controlled with effective solutions as it would affect the supply process. Moreover, clients today expect comprehensive SCADA solutions that range from quality and quantity monitoring to precise control, bridging the gap between demand and supply, energy efficiency, system efficacy, data analytics by setting benchmarks for the system in entirety as well as at the field or micro level. However, implementing a SCADA solution is not an easy task as for any SCADA implementation, setting up the baseline objectives is the key. Also, domain knowledge and experience coupled with close interactions with the implementing agency helps in development of the most well suited solutions.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Pune based Recktronic Devices & Systems (RDS) provides Sustainable Water SCADA Solutions that utilize SCADA software aided by Customized and self-developed data analytics software. The system helps in evaluating the water supply system for quantity, quality, efficiency, fault recognition and rectification of Decision Support Systems. Recktronic Devices & Systems is one of the innovators in the Water SCADA Solutions sector in India and encompasses solutions for all the segments. The company applies its experience, acute analysis of site survey and conditions, system adaptability and couples these with practical and sustainable solutions to achieve the client objectives.

Conceptualization to Water Distribution
RDS begins the process with the study of field conditions during the conceptualization and the bid stage. This is one of the factors that make the company stand out from the rest as the other players in the segment do not follow this approach. RDS gets involved from the early stages of project such as conceptualization and collects regular inputs from the clients in order to meet the clients’ requirements and objectives as well. The Water SCADA solutions provided by RDS covers the various stages of water transmission from river to treatment plant, clarification, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. After the completion of these processes, the treated water is transmitted and distributed to the various locations within the jurisdiction of the water utility.
“What differentiates us from the other players in the segment is that we do not sublet any components of our contracts,” says Praveen Sane, Director, Recktronic Devices & Systems. “Since most infrastructure projects have large defect liability periods, we feel that unless we engineer and execute the solution, we possibly cannot maintain it. Therefore, we engineer and execute solutions with the help of our engineering team comprising experienced engineers from all streams. And this has been one of the major reasons for us to run and operate Water SCADA solutions successfully for almost a decade now,” he adds.

We engineer and execute solutions with the help of our engineering team comprising experienced engineers from all streams. And this has been one of the major reasons for us to run and operate Water SCADA solutions successfully for almost a decade now

Integration of Water SCADA solution with GIS
The communication solution for each water SCADA system varies depending on various parameters like geographic locations, availability of signals and communication methodology. The overall solutions work with various communication technologies such as wireless broadband, VSAT, OFC, GPRS and VHF. Therefore, RDS’ Water SCADA solutions are designed in such a way that they can be integrated with GIS so that the customer can obtain the geographic orientation about the physical location of the assets which are represented on the SCADA System.

“We are the only company to successfully deliver Water SCADA solutions that are used on a daily basis for managing water supply systems for cities across India,” says Praveen. RDS has also been the only company to deliver a Hydraulic Networking Solution that works on real-time basis in tandem with a Water SCADA solution.

RDS has worked for numerous projects right from design engineering to rapid Water SCADA solution deployment across the country. Currently, RDS is delivering state of the art Water Dis tribution Monitoring System for the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), which is one of the largest deployments of flow meters approximately 2700 MPFM in a single go. The company is also in the process of deploying the Water SCADA solution for the Bhopal Smart City Corporation, one of the biggest deployments of water SCADA in the state of Madhya Pradesh.