RMS: Accommodating Hospitality Sector With Comprehensive Software Solutions

CIO Vendor Though there are lower-end properties struggling to attract guests with a range of components such as low room rates, poor marketing and bad location, the Indian hotel industry in general is in a good condition. According to the research from STR and Horwath HTL, occupancy rates in the organized market are at highest since the Global Financial Crisis. The cloud-based hotel software solutions blessed the hospitality industry with an edge to undergo transformation in the last decade. It enables the hoteliers to be equipped with a property management system, PMS, which can be hosted from remote locations using an internet connection.

The Indian hotel industry is incredibly competitive and cost-conscious. The technology providers offer their customers a cloud-based system on the SaaS pricing model, which eliminates the need for excessive upfront costs and cumbersome hardware. One among the many key features of cloud-based hotel software is its ability to boost productivity through centralization of operations. Since PMS remains at the heart of every hotel’s operations and there is a rise in demand for a compact solution, RMS headquartered in New Delhi ventures into this space with its cloud software for hotels, serviced apartments and holiday parks. The company equips Indian hoteliers with a system having strong performance history and full suite of products that can also excel the after-sales support.

One Software for a Myriad of Hotel Business Problems
RMS is a software company established in the year 1983 with strong foundations that offers deep experience and possesses hands-on work ethic. The company delivers robust, effective products that ensure user relevance. Based around an acclaimed Property Management System, RMS software modules are designed to simplify the complex task of running an accommodation business. From checking in guests to boosting sales, rates and distribution, it offers a comprehensive solution for hospitality industry. Some of the features of the software include CRS, Channel Management, Internet Booking Engine, Point of Sales, Housekeeping, Guest Portal, Mobile Check-in and Enterprise Reporting. RMS facilitates same high level of service for clients both big and small. The company has years of hospitality industry experience that sets it apart from many other
companies which have emerged in the past few years. Being known for the strong customer service and 24/7 support, RMS runs stress-testing of its technology before the launch to ensure it works right from the start. “We are also looking to constantly innovate and stay one step ahead of the pack in order to ensure our clients are using the best possible technology at the right price. With a global presence across Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Middle East, we are growing strongly and have worked with 6100 properties in 43 countries”, explains Peter Buttigieg, Founder & Managing Director, RMS.

There is a considerable shift in the trend which gives importance to brand identity. This is happening across all market sectors, and hospitality industry is no exception. Revenue per available room (RevPAR) for chain affiliated hotels in India is 2.09 times the RevPAR for independent hotels. Owing to this, industry analysts such Noesis Capital Advisors predicts a sharp acceleration in the number of independent properties switching to brand for the access to technology, distribution and marketing facilities they offer. RMS exerts major priority to ensure that its property management software is effective and easy to use. The company has released RMS9+, its latest product which is a user-friendly application that can be installed within few days. This includes complete configuration and training, and can be utilized for hotels of all sizes.

RMS software modules are designed to simplify the complex task of running an accommodation business

RMS Cloud was founded by Peter Buttigieg, an IT developer with a passion for the hospitality industry. The Buttigieg family still owns the business, which now employs 110 staffs across IT, sales and customer support. Despite the location of RMS branches across the globe, the core mission as envisaged by the company is to make sure that the customers receive the best possible technology and service. The IT development of the company remains a focus and is striving to make its technology evolve continuously. The growth aspect has always been on the agenda at RMS Cloud. Recently, one of the world’s largest service apartment operators, The Ascott Limited has chosen RMS software in a highly competitive tender. In regional terms, India offers a lot of potential for RMS, with currently having more than 200 clients in its reserve.