Sevamob: Bringing The Accuracy Of AI In Primary Healthcare

CIO Vendor Never has a technology brought such remarkable advancements in an industry than AI in healthcare. Basic level care and diagnosis has been revolutionized by AI. However, for something as sensitive as health, trusting it with technology only makes it a hard pill to swallow. Based out of Lucknow, Sevamob has turned the table and evolved the perspective here. Sevamob provides artificial intelligence powered healthcare platform to organizations in India, Southern Africa and the US. It has 3 components - Artificial intelligence-based triage & point-of-care screening for blood, vision, skin, diet, urine and sputum; Tele-health infrastructure for remote care via medical professionals; and Asset-lite Popup clinics for onsite, in-person care via medical professionals. By integrating these 3 components, Sevamob is able to offer comprehensive primary care at upto 50 percent lower cost. Care includes general health, vision, dental, nutrition, cardio-metabolic, infectious disease and ENT. The firm monetizes it via service delivery and software licensing. Sevamob’s customers include schools, employers, NGOs, hospitals/clinics, pharma and local government.

For Patients
If patients could get a view into their medical status and manage appointment with the doctors, it redefines the future of accessing healthcare and medical checkups. Sevamob’s application helps patients with acquiring health data and at the same time maintains a track on medical records. The patients can use Sevamob’s Seva360 platform to directly access tele-health and electronic health record capabilities via web and mobile.

The patients can manage their health and get access to relevant information and services, find doctors, schedule appointments (video, clinic or home) and request second opinions. With Sevamob’s application, patients are also encouraged to participate in support groups and post testimonials on medical professionals whose services they use. The application plays a very efficient part in helping patients maintain their health statistics like blood sugar, weight etc., in a care journal for ongoing care by the medical professionals.

Point-care enablement for Providers
“Sevamob AI enables a nurse or a technician to perform triage and point
-of-care screening for blood, vision, skin, urine, diet and sputum, with minimal training”, informs Shelley Saxena, Founder & CEO. The nurse or technician can analyze blood samples at point-of-care with a simple microscope and a smartphone. It also avails a screen for vision conditions with a fundus camera and a smartphone. Dieticians can predict multi-vitamin and mineral deficiencies and recommend a complete diet, exercise and stress reduction plan. For providers, Sevamob facilitates streamlined care through Artificial intelligence, Practice Management, EMR, Home care. At the same time, with features like video consultations, second opinions, in-clinic appointments, and rapid diagnostics, providers can boost their revenues. It can be accessed via web and mobile, including fully offline patient data management, practice management and AI based point-of-care screening.

Sevamob’s application helps patients with acquiring health data and at the same time maintains a track on medical records

Proving Diet AI’s Accuracy
Sevamob conducted a field study with Medtronic in 3 states of India – Jharkhand, Delhi – NCR, and Rajasthan. The goal of the study was to measure the accuracy of its Diet AI as evaluated by a panel of dieticians and measure its effectiveness in reducing malnutrition when paired with behaviour change counselling and supplements. The results achieved were highly motivating and exceptional; the study proved 96 percent accuracy of Diet AI as evaluated by a panel of dieticians and a 13 percent improvement in BMI of adult patients (18 years and above). The report also indicated 67 percent cost savings by using Diet AI + nurse instead of a dietician.

Sevamob was named in Gartner’s 2019 list of cool healthcare vendors. Having achieved success in software innovation, Sevamob has also developed the prototype of a hardware device that automates the creation of stained slides from blood and sputum samples. This innovation speeds up the process of preparing stained slides for diagnosis and also minimizes human error and variability in creation of the slides. This in turn increases the accuracy when the slides are analysed by Sevamob AI or manually by a pathologist. In the years to come, Sevamob is looking into expanding its AI portfolio with support for more medical conditions and appropriate regulatory approvals. This goes along with 1.5 times growth in the number of popup clinics.