SmartAMS: Enabling End-To-End Management And Tracking Of Assets Throughout Their Life Cycle

CIO Vendor Today, Asset Management software is not just an add-on benefit for the business whose assets play a key role in their operations, but has relatively become a current necessity. As it helps in efficiently monitoring and managing one’s assets, implementation of such software considerably improves productivity and efficiency, thus, catapulting businesses to a better position to increase their ROI and boost growth. However, it is crucial for businesses to choose a partner who can efficiently aid in management and tracking of these assets, as it has a direct financial implication which affects the business prospects.

Backed with its various effective use cases across industries, a company that has been justifying itself as a one-stop solution provider for all asset related issue is SmartAMS based in Chennai. The company is attracting people coming from various industrial verticals, making their solution diversified and effective across various industries. “We try to focus on the usage and the practical aspects, other than just collecting data information. We try to follow key information and make proper sense of it, thus creating an effective workflow for our asset management software,” says J V Sreedhar, Chairman.

Managing and Monitoring Assets with a Proactive Approach
The company with its robust workflow management system provides an end-to-end management and tracking of assets throughout their life cycle, in a real-time basis; thus ensuring productivity and efficiency of the business operations. SmartAMS software seamlessly maintains every detail of company’s assets and they no longer need to worry about any missing details about its warranty and insurance. Furthermore, they provide a live activity feed which appears on the concerned authority’s dashboard or the system which monitors all the activity around the organization in a real-time-basis. Not only have they made manual requests and approvals for adding assets and transferring from one location to another a seamless process, but have also enabled managing and controlling of assets from multiple locations based on their requirements, without having to move from one’s desk.

Leveraging SmartAMS software, businesses can also schedule maintenance activities or set reminders or cater to a maintenance request for assets which need a periodic maintenance; user or a correspondent person gets a
notification for that particular service with the list of activities on what he/she should carry out. And when it comes to asset, dragging an unwanted baggage can be a troublesome burden for any business; hence, SmartAMS aids in an efficient asset disposal while effectively maintaining the log in an easiest way possible. As language barrier shouldn't come between enterprise and its assets; SmartAMS currently works in three different languages, that being English, German, and Japanese. They further intend to incorporate other languages according to their client’s comfort.

We try to focus on the usage and the practical aspects, other than just collecting information. We try to follow key information and make proper sense of it, thus creating an effective workflow for our asset management software

“Currently, we intend to integrate GPS tracking and IoT capabilities, which will further cater to the growing demands of the businesses. Other than this, we are also indulging ourselves in smart careers, and university management system. With certified professionals in our R&D Department, we are constantly on the pursuit of new possibilities in providing solution which can perfectly match our client’s requirements,” concludes J V Sreedhar.

A Transparent And Robust Ecosystem Of Applications
As companies have different applications for different purposes, SmartAMS facilitates them to integrate third-party tool with SmartAMS software through API/Interface, hence creating a transparent and robust ecosystem of applications and tools. Moreover, if their clients are caught up with an existing system which they are not comfortable with and want to import data from the existing system, they help them in an effortless migration. The company further goes on assisting in physical audit and reconciliation of the assets as well.

“We actually try to make sure that we cover the overall entire ongoing activities, ensuring our clients doesn’t feel any change whatsoever, and whatever they have been accustomed in while using the existing system, we try to smoothly migrate all that aspects to a new system, without any additional work; hence ensuring business continuity,” justifies Victor.