SP Robotic Works: Expanding The Reach Of Edutainment Through Novel Digital Marketing Strategies

CIO Vendor The advent of internet and widespread availability of digital platforms has transformed the education industry in many ways, making education more accessible. With growing dependence of students on the internet and increasing competition among peers in the market, educational institutions are resorting to digital marketing by evolving novel digital marketing strategies, considering its tremendous potential to target niche segments of customers. However, despite the deployment of digital marketing techniques, not many institutions achieve better outcomes in terms of increased brand awareness and business growth owing to higher cost of conversion and bounce rates. Unlike other sectors, education involves two uniquely different stakeholders - students and parents, wherein parents might not be as much tech-savvy as the child. Hence, effective correlation between local marketing through banners, leaflets etc. and digital marketing is imperative to trigger the final action from the customers.

Up-skilling Young India
SP Robotic Works, India’s No 1 Robotics Edutainment Company with over 80 branches across the country successfully leveraged digital marketing campaigns in-line with local marketing strategies to significantly reduce the lead conversion costs and bounce rates, thereby generating more leads at minimal conversion costs. The company provides kits and courses that are STEM.org accredited in the areas of Robotics, Electronics, Internet of Things, and Virtual Reality for children of ages 7 to 17+ with focus on STEM education to upskill the youth of India for better future. The company’s completely practical learning models help to improve child’s logical thinking and creativity and at the same time equip them with coding skills and future technologies. The company also provides various learning options for different age groups in both offline and online modes.

The company started marketing campaigns with an objective to reach out to more people to showcase their brand and its products and ultimately generate better leads for each of the branches at the lowest possible cost of conversion. Initially the average cost was INR 500 per valid lead which was relatively high. However, today the company is able to increase the leads by 100 percent and reduce the lead cost by 85 percent through digital marketing techniques. “After 5 months of continuous A/B Testing and various other optimizations by our digital marketing team, we have managed to reduce the lead conversion cost to INR 75-95. Our overall marketing strategy involves both local marketing by each of our branch partners showcasing the brand’s presence through banners, leaflets etc., and centrally monitored digital marketing based branding activities and competitions such as social media marketing, landing page optimization etc.,” informs Sneha Priya, CEO and Founder, SP Robotic Works about their marketing campaigns.

Low Costs Made Possible With Rigorous A/B Testing
The digital marketing team of the company performed A/B testing making one change at a time in different parameters and analyzed various consequences to bring down the costs. “Our team used to make the change
and wait for a week to observe the results on a day to day basis. If it impacted the desired results positively then the change would be adapted permanently. Our first point of focus was landing page optimization that hugely impacts the bounce rates. We performed A/B testing for the titles of the pages and tracked the form analytics to analyze the fields where customers dropped etc. Then we removed those extra fields to eventually increase the form conversions,” explains Sneha Priya about their landing page optimization techniques to reduce the bounce rate.

Optimized Social Media Marketing For Better Lead Generation
Facebook Ad optimization helped the company to increase the conversions over 70 percent by increasing the click rate and reducing the CPC. The ad-content with creative gifs, smileys and other emoticons gave them better results. Better placement of ads, and audience optimization to specifically focus on the desired group of prospects were among other techniques that worked well for the company to increase their leads and decrease the conversion costs. The company also used localization of ads on various platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc., for some specific localities by providing ad content in the local languages which improved click through rates and reduced costs. “We used different strategies depending on the locality and demographics. Such techniques helped us focus the budget on the right ad placements for better results,” says Sneha Priya.

Our overall marketing strategy involves both local marketing by each of our branch partners showcasing the brand’s presence and centrally monitored digital marketing based branding activities and competitions

The company received number of awards from various organizations including Government of India, CII, CNBC, World Startup Expo etc. for its excellence in providing quality education. Every month 1000+ students from SP Robotic Works win competitions in IITs, NITs etc., by showcasing their skills. “We aim to reach millions of students every year across 10+ countries by 2025 by delivering better quality education through personalized and gamified e-learning platform. We do not just make students become aware of latest technologies, but also empower them to apply their education in realtime and become future creators,” concludes Sneha Priya.