SPUR Infosolutions: Transforming The Publishing Industry With End-To-End Managed Services

CIO Vendor Advancements in the field of technology and its attributes such as internet, on-demand printing, digital content etc., are modernizing each and every aspect of the value chain of publishing industry globally. However, unlike the global scenario, publishers operating in India still continue to face a wide range of issues ranging from inefficiencies in operations and processes, sales and marketing, order management, tax compliances, to problems with country-wide logistics. Overseas publishers who intend on catering to the Indian audience find it very difficult to market their content owing to a lack of reliable and effective channels to reach out to the potential and current customers.

Enabling Seamless Supply Chain Operations
Perfectly understanding the problems of publishers, SPUR Infosolutions, a New Delhi headquartered company has come forward to help them address the challenges by delivering end-to-end managed services and solutions for hassle-free supply chain operations. The company’s turnkey publisher support offerings include Direct Distribution for Print Content such as delivery to subscribers, fraud detection, claims verification and handling; Sales & Marketing for Print and Online Content such as leads and conversions, subscription agency management, order processing and automation, local currency invoicing and foreign currency remittances. “We primarily focus on the Scholarly Publishing, Information & Solutions market – STM (Scientific, Technical&Medical), HSS (Humanities & Social Sciences) and Business & Management. Our completely managed services enable publishers both from India and overseas to deliver content to their audience in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” elaborates Sameer Puri, CEO and Managing Partner, SPUR Infosolutions. “Publishers are also looking to lower their operational costs and increase revenue. In their race to achieve the same, problems are bound to crop up, and it is our job to solve these problems. These problems can range from basic operational inefficiencies to terrible country-wide customer service problems. We leverage our domain expertise and in-house infrastructure capabilities to try and solve problems that plague publishers by creating and utilizing technology tools,” he adds.

A Bridge between Overseas Publishers and Indian Subscribers
SPUR Infosolutions helps overseas publishers streamline and fine-tune their sales processes in India while adhering to Indian standards by acting as a reliable sales and marketing partner. “We help overseas publishers reach out to their Indian subscribers easily and ensure that Indian subscribers get access to high quality content from overseas publishers
with ease. We help them increase their sales in India by leveraging our extensive market knowledge to smartly identify potential prospects, map products suitable for them and convert them into subscribers. We essentially serve as a bridge between overseas publishers and Indian subscribers,” explains Sameer Puri about their services to overseas publishers for equipping them to serve their subscribers in India. University of Chicago Press, JAMA Network, IEEE, Bone& Joint Publishing are some of the publishers utilizing the services of SPUR Infosolutions for sales, marketing and customer handling in India.

Institutional libraries, government agencies, and health care organizations face a lot of challenges to access high quality, peer reviewed content from the publishers due to complex subscription processes.“We understand and know the limitations and problems of institutional procurement, therefore we make it as simple as possible for institutions to purchase subscription content from us,” informs Sameer Puri. Apart from the Direct Distribution and Sales & Marketing services, SPUR Infosolutions also delivers bespoke services and solutions to publishers as per their specific business requirements and pain points. Clients often pick SPUR Infosolutions as a turnkey payments partner offering GST invoicing solutions, engage them for custom projects, research and reports etc.

We leverage our domain expertise and in-house infrastructure capabilities to find the problems that plague publishers and try to solve them through latest technology tools

SPUR Infosolutions participates in international conferences and trade fairs every year that helps them to have a constant feel of the industry pulse and get first hand inputs and ideas for the future plan of action. With a vision to become a global player in the industry by enhancing its service capabilities to meet the global standards and geographies, SPUR Infosolutions is establishing strategic partnerships with some of the wellestablished global industry players. The company is also moving into the Business & Knowledge Process Outsourcing segment, specifically for Publishers.“Currently, we are trying to tap into the Open Access publishing space, a model that is slowly gaining traction to make content freely available for users. We are also exploring other new initiatives that will enable us to tap into more verticals within the publishing industry. Though we are 3-year old company with zero external funding or debt, we have been growing at a CAGR of 165 percent for the last 3 years,” concludes Sameer Puri.