Sri Mookambika Infosolutions: Passion Driven Enterprise Solutions For Higher End Business Operations

CIO Vendor Sri Mookambika Infosolutions based out of Madurai and having multiple offshore development centers in India has been phenomenal in providing premium IT Services and Solutions to Global Customers in various platforms and technologies. The company is a pioneer in building Enterprise Solutions categorized as Application Modernization, Digital Data Platform, Enterprise Integration, Enterprise Security, Mobile Application Development, and DevOps Security.

In today’s competitive, internet-driven market, it has become increasingly difficult to keep customers focused on us and our brand. Staying top-of-mind is necessary to build and grow customer relationships and the key to establishing those relationships is engagement. Sri Mookambika Infosolutions follows a framework to move up the ladder of customer loyalty to evolve from a vendor to a Partner. Next, the diversity of thought is crucial in coming up with the right solutions to business challenges, customer success and creative thinking. The company’s commitment to diversity is built on a belief that all people and groups are to be valued and included. While each person is an individual and unique in their identity, our shared humanity binds us together.

Further and the most important part of getting cost effective software development is to hire the best team possible, even if the individual cost of the developers is much higher than the average. For a start, SMI has to create an environment where high ability geeks are comfortable. This involves doing many things that don't make sense to many. The firm is prepared to do the hard stuff to make this kind of software development environment work.

All power was originally lodged in and consequently is derived from our people; our relationships are based on respect, fairness and a commitment to open dialogue and transparency. Sri Mookambika Infosolutions strives to live a culture based on solidarity, enabling it to behave as one company and one organization, looking towards the market with a global perspective. The company’s integrity standard defines who they are and enables them to develop a safe work environment, as well as trustworthy internal and external work relationships. SMI believes the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people make the idea of continuous transformation.

While talking about the team that runs SMI, Selva says – “We treat it as a community rather than a corporate culture. We are growing and emphasizing the importance of employee retention and satisfaction in a cutting technology arena. Almost half of our population are eligible for Gratuity as they have completed 5 years of continuous service with SMI and the relationship that the company keeps with its employees is not measured just using the technical strengths and capabilities they possess”.
Moving on to Enterprise Application Development; each business operation requires technological assistance to gain control over better functionality and address the market trends, enterprise applications provide a comprehensive solution. From time to time, enterprise application alters the business processes of key parts of a business which causes the process to be done in different ways. SMI has come across those projects which taught lessons, both in things gone well and in things gone badly.

For SMI, business driven solutions and technologies develop the best interest in exerting entire focus on business. The right blend of domain experts and proficient technological expertise bore by SMI provides an edge for enterprises to confront potential hurdles. SMI is determined to realize the business problem or the vision of enterprises by lending a multifaceted approach towards problem solving. SMI has been working with various data sensitive clients in the Healthcare and Supply Chain sectors. Selva and team understood that security assurance is the foundation that every enterprise need to build for determining trustworthiness of features, practices, processes, procedures and architecture of the information system, as it assist clients across a wide range of industry verticals in determining the compliance level of the technical security controls with applicable regulations, legislative and standard requirements. “We form and deploy Center of Excellence for specific area to eliminate inefficiency and support project teams for implementing recommended best practices, though, we are still learning in this model”, adds Selva.

SMI has created an environment where high ability geeks are comfortable. This involves doing many things that don't make sense to many

More than integrating with emerging technologies, SMI is developing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and IoT. The company has been dealing with several problems with regard to classification, suggestion mining, and prediction in various sectors and is also focused on product developments in these areas.