SwiftSafe: Leveraging Penetration Testing Tools For A Highly Secure Business

CIO Vendor Security is an essential aspect of every organization with businesses adopting penetration testing, automatic or manual, in an attempt to assess the IT infrastructure’s security by exploiting vulnerabilities. Apart from intelligently managing vulnerabilities and determining the efficacy of the defence mechanisms, such assessments ensure the elimination of network downtime cost, meet the regulatory requirements, assure customer loyalty and preserve the corporate image. However, the journey of penetration testing services adoption has been a slow one in the Indian market as customers still grapple with understanding its advantages and assuring proper implementation. Organizations seldom realize that although automated tools can be used for better coverage and speed but they are only capable of matching patterns and pin-pointing the target post which still requires human logic via advanced manual assessment to confirm the vulnerabilities. Essentially, security testing engagements may mandate either automated or manual testing, or mostly a combination of both. It all depends on the business goals, project scope, stipulated time frame and allocated budget. This demands a highly experienced cyber security solution provider specialising in efficiently securing the IT infrastructure.

Perfectly poised in this domain is SwiftSafe, headquartered in Australia with offices located in India and USA, with its end-to-end cyber security and cyber forensics services. The company, founded in 2016, is made up of a team of real-time hackers and InfoSec certified professionals who share immense passion for ensuring a more consistent IT and network security management. The team performs automated and manual penetration testing to protect its clients’ IT infrastructure from cyber threats.

A Strategic Approach to Eliminate Cybersecurity Threats
Leveraging its expert team of attack researchers and penetration testing tools, SwiftSafe can effectively identify any paths that are vulnerable to exploitation, possible threats to the organization, key assets at risk and provide its deep domain knowledge to remediate it. Depending on the client’s unique requirements, each engagement can be customized accordingly. This engagement may span from breaching a single host to gaining deep network access.

The company has a set process in place for its clients once they are onboard. The team commences the project by identifying assignment objectives and the attack vectors and scenarios that will be used. The company ensures the client’s technical team is involved in the entire process with a complete overview of the project. This is achieved through the provision of ongoing status reports, immediate identification of critical risks, and complete knowledge transfer to the client. Guiding the client through the entire process, the team at SwiftSafe maps out the exploitable vulnerabilities present in the environment and recommends remediation strategies accordingly.
The Future Plans in Store
Having worked with a broad range of customers and having successfully tested its cybersecurity vulnerabilities and mitigated these cybersecurity threats, SwiftSafe is now on the path to working with government agencies in order to develop tools in cyber security and forensics to resolve cybercrimes. In conjunction with this, SwiftSafe has assigned a team that is currently working at developing its own Cloud security scanners. This innovation will be designed to detect the vulnerabilities by harnessing the power of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. The team is simultaneously working on developing forensics related tools. The company envisions increasing its global footprint and has begun expanding its team and services, having made significant progress in the research and development department in the cyber security and forensics segment. The company has also expressed its interest in rebranding and launching its company in the near future.

The company, founded in 2016, is made up of a team of real-time hackers and InfoSec certified professionals who share immense passion for ensuring a more consistent IT and network security management

Experts in the Field
A highly experienced team plays an integral part in forming a strong foundation of the company. Some of the key personnel responsible for having made significant contributions to creating SwiftSafe’s market presence have been mentioned below:

• Akhil Rapelly, the CTO at SwiftSafe, develops policies and procedures and uses technology to enhance products and services that focus on external clients.

• Sreeja Manchala, CMO at SwiftSafe, in charge of developing the strategy for advertising and branding, as well as clients outreach. As the senior-most marketing position in the organization, Sreeja oversees these functions across all company product lines and geographies.

• Prasanna Reddy Garlapati is the COO of the company. He monitors the day-to-day operations, keeps the CTO apprised of significant events and supervises the human resource management process.

• Spandana Patel Bussa is the HR Director and holds expertise in HR strategic management and participates in corporate decisionmaking as well.

• Kappala Saicharan is the Management Head and an expert in organizing the production of the work, as well as the workforce, training, and resources necessary to do the work.