Umbrella Infocare: Ensuring Seamless Cloud Migrations With Secure Aws Platform

CIO Vendor Umbrella Infocare was founded in 2013 as Born in Cloud (BIC) company by two serial entrepreneurs Sanjay Agarwal and Gurprit Singh as a Cloud Company. Umbrella Infocare is a Premier Consulting Partner of Amazon(AWS) with offices in New Delhi NCR and Mumbai. The company offers a wide range of Cloud Migration, Cloud Optimization, Cloudnative Application Development, DevOps Automation, Big Data Analytics and Managed Services. “Today, DevOps in conjunction with cloud computing is enabling businesses to deliver services at a faster rate by providing a centralized platform for application testing, deployment and production. We have built our capabilities around DevOps and therefore can help businesses harness the advantages of DevOps along with cloud. Cloud migration involves a lot of aspects such as application migration, server migration, workflow migration, disaster recovery etc. and business cannot go for a separate vendor for each one of these segments. We provide them end-to-end services and help them reap the benefits of cloud such as scalability, security, cost-effectiveness etc.,” informs Sanjay Agarwal, Co-Founder, Umbrella Infocare. Over the years, the company has built its own processes and frameworks that enable clients to achieve cloud migration in a faster manner. By leveraging its years of experience, the company helps clients minimize the risk factor in their cloud journey. “Cloud migration not just limited to the technical aspects of an organisation, rather it involves multiple departments and critical business process. So, efficient program management is vital for the success of any cloud migration initiative. We help clients with effective program management enabling better coordination between different teams in the organisation for inclusive growth,” he adds.

Well-defined Future Roadmap for Better Business Productivity Moving of enterprise IT infrastructure and applications without proper assessment of the existing environment may turn out to be expensive for businesses. Umbrella Infocare’s team of cloud migration experts engage with clients to clearly assess their business environment and performance readiness assessment and portfolio analysis. Then a set of recommendations covering all the aspects of security, cloud architecture, cost etc. will be submitted to the client. Then the team performs a pilot to see how various aspects of migration are happening and provides a migration roadmap along with a business use case. And finally the actual mass migration is performed as per the specific objectives of client. “The performance of cloud largely depends on the cloud optimization, and optimization is not a one step process rather a continuous process. We have a specific team of cloud optimization experts that regularly performs optimization by using AWS and third party tools. By using our multiple tie-ups with various third party vendors such as Cloud health technologies, we ensure high
performance for our clients,” informs Gurprit Singh, Co-Founder. To help clients build applications that are highly agile, secure and which perform well in the cloud environment, the company also provides cloud native application development services.

Umbrella Infocare is helping businesses achieve seamless migration by addressing their unique business challenges of Data Security, Disaster Recovery, Interoperatibilty between the Cloud and Legacy systems

Ensuring Seamless Cloud Migrations with Secure AWS Platform
As more and more enterprises are moving their applications and workloads to the cloud platforms to capitalize on the benefits of cloud, the cloud migration segment is witnessing large scale investments. According to a report by, Market-and-Markets, the cloud migration services market size expected to become USD 9.47 Billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 24.5 percent, largely driven by investments in the areas of cloud analytics and machine learning. Enterprises are looking for an experienced vendor who can help them build a clear future roadmap for their cloud migration journey. Umbrella Infocare is helping businesses achieve seamless migration by addressing their unique business challenges of Data Security, Disaster Recovery, Interoperatibilty between the Cloud and Legacy systems.

Round-the-clock Managed Services for Smooth Functioning
Monitoring and managing enterprise applications are essential to ensure smooth functions of various business processes and to reduce the operational costs. “We offer 24*7 cloud managed services to our clients with the help our L1, L2 and L3 experts to ensure high system performance and availably. As a part of our managed services, we provide annual recommendations and reviews to our clients,” informs Gurprit Singh. The company also provides big data analytics services that include data digestion, data transformation, data visualization and predictive data analytics.

Umbrella technologies has been awarded AWS Consulting Partner of the year 2019. The company was also recognized as a DevOps competency partner, Managed Service(MSP) and Well Architected Review(WAR) partner by AWS. Since its inception, Umbrella technologies successfully performed more than 300 cloud migrations that involve multiple application and server migrations, containerizations and setting up of DR infrastructure in the cloud. Moving ahead, the company is planning to expand its footprint into South Indiaand the US.