Unlimit: Delivering Customized Connected Vehicles Solutions

CIO Vendor According to Infoholic Research, the connected vehicle market in India is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as most of the industries such as automotive industries embracing data centric business models. Another survey conducted by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), reveals that approximately 25 million vehicles have been sold in the financial year 2018 in India alone. The rising number of vehicles on Indian roads is raising concerns about the safety of the riders and the pollution caused by the harmful gases emitted by these vehicles.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Mumbai based Unlimit offers smart breakthrough and customized solutions to Connected Vehicles that creates a seamless infrastructure. This solution not only avoids accidents but also helps in saving the environment by reducing harmful gas emissions. Unlimit Connected Vehicles management comes with a customized solution that covers a multitude of transportation and logistics concerns. This solution grid comes with different types of solutions such as Service management, help desk, logistics and production test and community management.

“We provide end-to-end solutions that adhere to business logic, all under a single roof,” affirms Jürgen Hase, Chief Executive Officer of Unlimit.

Encouraging its commitment to innovation in the auto-tech space, MG Motor India has partnered with Unlimit –to develop the first ever internet vehicle. Unlimit is one of the leading connectivity management solutions provider and a special IoT services provider in the country.

With an aim to provide an out of the world customer experience, both the companies are planning to develop a solution that comprises connected mobility, OTA, cyber security, voice assistant, E-call, I-call, music, weather, live navigation and many other features.

Managing IoT Lifecycle
Unlimit through its solution UNLIMIT Control helps organizations to Monitor data consumption, reduce cost, automate operations and manage their IoT lifecycle. The company offers a selfservice portal that provides all of the tools that is needed to efficiently and profitably scale businesses to the next level.

Connecting, managing and monitoring an array of devices
Managing and connecting multiple devices increases the complexity and therefore requires high scalability. This is where IoT plays an important
role as IoT systems help devices to operate smoothly even with everincreasing data.

Perfectly understanding the role of IoT in connected systems, Unlimit applications act as a breakthrough solution that helps in connecting, managing and monitoring an array of devices. What makes this solution unique from the rest is that it enables easy connection of any type of device with any type of networks and also generates custom made report that is not just accurate but also reliable.

Unlimit offers smart breakthrough and customized solutions to Connected Vehicles that creates a seamless infrastructure. This solution not only avoids accidents but also helps in saving the environment by reducing harmful gas emissions

Unlimit applications allow client organizations to build any IoT project with the help of its 100 certified and pre-integrated devices. Integration of the company’s solutions assures client organizations with flawless automation of business process, which ultimately helps them to obtain the best ROI.

This application can be tailored as per your business requirements, since the business logic of the client’s business can be configured in minutes with the help of Unlimit applications. Not just that third party APIs can be integrated easily and data is highly encrypted for total security. Also, any amount of data can be stored on the cloud with the unlimited data storage facility.

With a proven track record of improved operational efficiency, the company ensures clients to obtain profitability, safety, and compliances in using their solutions. “Our mission is to drive value by offering a comprehensive IoT platform that helps our customers in their digital transformation journey” says Jurgen.

Unlimit has partnered with IoT stakeholders and IT giants such as PTC, BSNL, Software AG Cumulocity IoT and IBM Watson IoT to provide dedicated IoT solutions. Unlimit is currently working on re-inventing its devices by implementing all the edge computing technologies and is planning expand its operations across the globe. Unlimit is also coming up with solutions for major verticals such as Connected cars, supply chain, Industry 4.0.