Venba Tech: Delivering Smart Home Experience As A Service

CIO Vendor As technology continues to evolve, home automation has become an integral part of the modern building design today, enhancing safety and security along with energy savings. Perhaps unknown to many, but buildings do have biology that facilitates quality living, therefore, implementation of home automation solutions should be in line with it in order to maintain biology of the building and leverage the benefits of enhanced security, energy savings and remote controlling. Bringing forth the benefits of home automation to people and helping them improve the quality of life is Venba Tech, a Chennai based home automation solutions provider.

Security, Comfort and Cost Savings
Venba Tech offers end-to-end home automation solutions to Hotels, IT Parks, Shopping Malls, Individual Villas & Apartments and Office Buildings. “We look at home automation as a service rather than as a product or infrastructure, with emphasis on the overall deliverables. We believe in continuous evolution of our solutions and deliver value to our clients in terms of both operational cost benefits and improved security,” says Bhanumathy Venkat, Founder & MD, Venba Tech. By collaborating with PIMA, an Israel based advanced intruder alarm systems manufacturer, Venba Tech assures maximum security to homes by integrating security into home automation design.

“For sure, security is a gross need for homes, and security has been core to our solutions. But beyond this layer of security, we also offer comfort of automation taking a step further for better life management,” she adds. An automated home is about building the intelligence to learn user patterns and programming the home to function in sync with user’s routine. Example, turning on/off the lights in periphery based on schedule and outside light levels, light up the home to the right level on arrival, arm the security when retiring or leaving the home, adjusting the air-conditioning based on user patterns and outdoor ambience, etc. The company enables people to experience the power of home automation with the touch of a single button. With a firm eye on the need for energy conservation, the company designs new measures to bring about mood lighting, scheduled usage and tuned home in line with external environmental conditions, integration of solar power and automation of all utilities. With IOT in
brim, Venba Tech has implemented a large bandwidth of solutions using the multitude of these devices.

Breaking-down Technology Barriers for Interoperability
Achieving interoperability by breaking down the barriers of technology and tool fragmentation determines the success of any home automation deployment. Working on interoperable open protocols, Venba Tech provides stabilized, proven and tested home automation solutions to ensure interoperability of devices for a smart home e xperience. The company integrates various technologies and protocols with interoperability in mind. Venba Tech is also developing IoT gateways that communicate with IoT enabled devices and achieve interoperability between IoT homes and IoT enabled city or smart grids. “Any kind of product will sustain and be future proof only if it is adaptable to evolving technologies. Hence, we invest heavily on inhouse research and development to rigorously test our products and innovate,” notes Bhanumathy. Power variations lead to continuity problems in the home automation systems. Venba Tech has been playing a vital role with manufacturers in tuning the home automation devices to Indian standards in order to handle the power variations and ensure no downtime.

We believe in continuous evolution of our solutions and deliver value to our clients in terms of both operational cost benefits and improved security

Venba Tech delivers automation packages for builders with lighting automation, dimming, scenes, airconditioning control monitoring for social areas and master bedroom with gas leak sensors and main door alarm. The company also provides an exclusive and cost-effective security package with main door alarm, gas leak alarm, panic buttons and notification devices with GSM alerts and remote control smart phones. “In the very near future, more end devices will be directly home automation ready and would be talking to Apple My Home or any other Hub. Today, telecom operators and DTH providers are preparing to take up the home automation segment by creating the smart home hub within their routers,” concludes Bhanumathy speaking about the future of home automation. Since its inception in 2009, Venba Tech successfully executed hundreds of smart home automation projects in both commercial building and home spaces and enjoys repeated customer base.