Zaco Computers: Strengthening It Deployments With Cost-Effective Refurbished Products

CIO Vendor Considering the pace at which the world is advancing, it is indisputable today to say that servers, storages and related infrastructure have become an integral part of day-today business operations of every enterprise irrespective of size and industry. While it is crucial for organizations to deploy sophisticated IT infrastructure that enables ease of operations, higher costs stand out as a stumbling block for enterprises particularly with scarce financial resources, hindering them in achieving their business goals. Hence businesses are resorting to refurbished IT infrastructure that helps them reap the benefits of technology with minimal investments. However, in doing so, they face numerous challenges in terms of product quality and reliability, after sales support etc. So, businesses are on a lookout for reliable vendors who not only provides premium quality refurbished products but also offer seamless after-sales support services.

Incepted in 2000, Zaco Computers offers best-in-class refurbished IT infrastructure at an affordable price along with 24/7 support and maintenance services both remote and on-site, helping clients achieve maximum efficiency. The company provides refurbished and pre-owned servers, storages devices, networking devices and their spares from all major OEMs including HP, Dell, IBM, Hitachi, Oracle, Cisco, NetApp, Juniper, EMC, etc. with warranty. “In today’s highly competitive and unstable economic environment, enterprises are under enormous pressure to cut down their IT Infrastructure budget, while maintaining business efficiency and customer satisfaction. We can help them in achieving their goals in an effective manner without compromising on quality through our endto-end solutions and services by reducing their business complexities,” says Zameer Kazi, Director, Zaco Computers, explaining about the current IT scenario and their assistance to businesses. “All our refurbished products are tested for reliability by certified technicians and come with warranty ranging from 1 to 5 years. We provide better quality products at cost-effective prices with fast shipping to anywhere in India, enabling clients to save up to 60 percent of their IT spending,” he adds. The company provides IT infrastructure maintenance and support for a wide range of models which include Networks, Servers, Storage, Libraries, Workstations, etc.

Extending Life of IT Infrastructure
End-of-service or end-of-life date from an OEM essentially means the end of support, and it provides users with opportunity to upgrade their systems. Zaco Computers enables clients to use their IT hardware up to 20 years without worrying about EOS or EOL dates. Third party maintenance is a better way to extend life of enterprise IT infrastructure, and Zaco
Computers helps clients with that by servicing and maintaining equipment beyond EOS and EOL dates.

With its PAN India presence and more than 19 years of expertise in IT multi-vendor hardware, Zaco Computers acts as a single point of contact for refurbished IT infrastructure and customized third party maintenance services. “With the help of our certified engineers and qualified sales professionals, we are committed to delivering top-notch and cost-effective refurbished products and reliable post-warranty hardware support to our esteemed clients,” says Praveen Jain, Director, Zaco Computers.

We can help enterprises in achieving their goals in an effective manner without compromising on quality through our end-to-end solutions and services by reducing their business complexities

Save up to 60 percent cost by upgrading memory & storage capacity of existing servers & storages
By upgrading memory and hard drives, companies can improve performance and extend the life span of their existing systems, thereby resulting in huge cost savings. Zaco has an expert consultancy team and more than 3,00,000 spares available in its warehouse to help enterprises make the right decision. Its technical team performs a thorough assessment of existing systems before suggesting an upgrade solution. After upgrading, Zaco can even maintain these servers for at least 15 years to come.

Proactive Server Maintenance for Maximum System Up-time
In the current digital world, it is said that your business is as good as your servers are. Proactive server maintenance is essential to ensure better server availability at critical times and this in turn keeps the business up and running smoothly. To help clients address unexpected server related problems, Zaco Computers provides prompt and proactive server maintenance services for all types of servers including the latest generation servers. “Our certified engineers can handle any mix of IT equipment including servers at any stage of its life. Expert team of certified technicians from Zaco Computers spread throughout the country across various geographical locations are always prepared to tackle any kind of server issues and ensure that clients don’t face system downtime. Our years of experience in handling high-end, mid-size and micro servers of all types helps us identify future problems and evolve strategies to address risks well in advance,” highlights Praveen Jain explaining about their proactive server maintenance services.