B+M Surface Systems Group: Automating And Transforming Painting Plants And Paint Application Systems

CIO Vendor In this modern era, robotic technology is fast becoming an indispensable part of the production line. The highly intelligent machines and components are designed to effectively take over many of the tasks that demand high precision, speed and endurance and ensure quality output. Robotic painting amongst other industry verticals has gained increased popularity as businesses transition from a manual paint process to an automated paint process. Manual paint application has its own set of limits that deny scalability, propelling the automation of this domain even further. The automation of painting plants and Paint Application systems for surfaces is revolutionizing this domain as improved application techniques help increase efficiency, introduce uniformity, ensure safety, and result in lesser and better maintenance.

This technology is significantly gaining traction for top-tier supplier bases in the transportation and automotive sectors. Customers demand customizable and easy-to-use solutions that are less obtrusive and more efficient. Quick installation, streamlined solution and applicator designs, reduced project cycle time and high-quality standards sans manual involvement are some of the customer's topmost priorities. Customers need to onboard a highly experienced and technologically advanced vendor that possesses the comprehensive know-how of key desired processes while maintaining superior quality standards.

b+m Surface Systems, headquartered in Germany with its subsidiary located in Mumbai, is one of the leading suppliers of fully automated painting plants and Paint Application systems for surfaces. The company strictly adheres to very high-quality standards. The company boasts of a global experience and perfect market understanding that permits its clients to scale with their needs. The team of experts at Eiterfeld, Germany plan, develop, design and produce the entire range of innovative products and solutions for its customers worldwide, promising quality of international standards.

The company recorded a turnover of more than a whopping 80.0 Million Euros in 2019. “Since two decades, b+m Surface Systems has been providing the highest surface quality. We design and build Painting Plants and Automatic/Robotic application systems that meet our customers’ high-quality demands at any time,” says Shakil Barge, Managing Director, b+m Surface Systems.

Assuring Top-notch In-house Engineering Competence
The company is strongly focused on special surface quality, coating thickness and the development of specific dosing and application processes. Adopting an avant-garde approach, the team of experts develops and tests new painting processes in the in-house technical laboratory to achieve superior levels of quality. Additionally, the team harnesses the power of various advancing technologies to ensure each offering is in parallel with the latest demands and requirements.

These improvements are achieved through close cooperation with customers, paint manufacturers and suppliers. Key components such as
Painting Robots, Process equipment, Dosing systems, Atomizers, and colour change systems as well as hardware and software for plant controls are produced in-house. “We develop and test new Painting Processes in our own technical laboratory at our headquarters. Combined with a modern Project Management, we can minimize project cycle times and ensure optimal planning reliability,” informs Shakil.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
Over the years, the company has catered to a gamut of well-renowned clientele in India such as Hero Moto Corp, Hero Cycles, TVS Moto Company, Steel Strips, Mutual Industries and Huf India, and the likes. “We also support our customers after handing over the turnkey painting plant. We provide start-up assistance, production monitoring, technical service and a wide range of training courses. Worldwide subsidiaries and representatives ensure quick and competent support for our customers,” adds Michael Palenberg, Managing Director of the Indian subsidiary.

In essence, some of the core competencies of the company are fully automated turnkey paint lines from one single source, E-coating plants, innovative application technology for highquality 2k/3k waterborne paints and in-house robot technology (T1 and T2 series) specifically developed for painting. In tandem with this, the company is involved in the in-house commissioning of robots and application systems and facilitates R&D with its state-of-the-art inhouse laboratory.

The company is strongly focused on special surface quality, coating thickness and the development of specific dosing and application processes

b+m Surface Systems attributes its success to the right combination of people, in-depth domain experience, technical support, and its comprehensive suite of innovative solutions and services. The company envisions continuing to innovate and roll out value-added services and solutions that will repaint the way this domain functions and is perceived while maintaining its leadership position.

“b+m Group also having hands on experience to have 3D Simulation for not only to the Product but also for complete Industrial Painting Plants for various components and the equipment’s. Also we have dedicated team in India for 3D modelling & Software Developments activities for specialised in Painting technology & its Process”, concludes Shakil.