Cyborgintell: Data-To-Decision Through AI And Auto ML

CIO Vendor With the continuously evolving digital era, a massive volume of data is generated every day. The digital industry is constantly combating to monetize this data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). But the insights and strategy creation through this data processing need multidisciplinary skill sets and vast computational power. Most of the companies take more than three months to create and deploy such a predictive model, which the business leaders cannot afford as the data growth is at a much faster rate.

Businesses need an end-to-end Automated Data-Science ML platform capable of data-processing, building an analytical data-pipeline, enable data-treatment, identifying significant features, develop and evaluate ML models, and conclusively put them into production. There’s a need for an AI system to accelerate AI-driven decision-making to define the strategy.

Bangalore-based CyborgIntell (CI) is a data-to-decision Enterprise AI Software company aiding organizations to build an AI solution in a few hours without writing a single line of code.CI’s cohesive end-to-end platform automates the entire life cycle of data science and ML helping enterprises rapidly develop, deploy, and operationalize AI applications. CyborgIntell offers an AIdriven decision platform to its clients, for making decision policies using integrated AI system and business processes. This facilitates AI agents to operationalize real-time valuedriven decisions and policies. It also prevents AI failure by overseeing model performance through continuous learning.

Parturition of CyborgIntell
CyborgIntell is the brainchild of the founder Suman Singh with Co-founders Amit Kumar and Mohammad Nawas. The idea behind CI was to automate and fast-track data science & Machine Learning steps and arrive at a predictive intelligence-based decision. The governance of AI and ML models in production is the most challenging part.

CyborgIntell was formed to deliver software to build analytical solutions with just a few clicks. Fundamentally, CyborgIntell delivers a fully automated single-click embedded AI platform which facilitates enterprises to hasten from data-to-decision using AI.

Team CyborgIntell is driven by zeal for solving real business problems with a deep background in data science, AI, and technology. The team consists of business experts, data scientists, AI engineers, technologists, etc. With such a diversified team, CyborgIntell has been able to enable best practices of data science and ML in their platform and deliver an extremely intuitive, transparent, and easy-to-use system.
CyborgIntellAutoAI and AutoML Solutions
With its two unique flagship products – iTuringandmlFlux, CyborgIntell delivers an end-to-end data-to-decision platform. iTuringis a single click, cohesive data science, and ML platform to aid organizations significantly leverage data from across the business to obtain real-time insights. It helps in solving business problems such as growing revenue, optimizing cost, improving customer experience, and reducing risk exposure in a few hours, without writing any code. It automates the entire data science lifecycle. To help business leaders make informed AI-driven decisions, iTuring provides a detailed explanation at both model and transaction levels.

mlFlux, a comprehensive ML DevOps platform ensures holistic model governance and AI failure prevention. It functions as a statement of record and enables organizations to deploy ML and DL models across libraries in diverse production environments and supports real-time scoring. mlFlux’s model administration and maintenance capabilities assist organizations with model health checks, failure prevention, fall back plans, and query and audit of data, results, and code; ensuring no impact to business results due to AI failure. mlFlux helps deploy models in production with real-time scoring functionalities.

CyborgIntell offers a Zero Code AI system, enabling businesses in making quick data-driven decisions for optimum efficiency and enhanced revenue growth with slashed expenditure

CyborgIntell – Forthcoming AI and ML Revolution
Presently, CyborgIntellis serving verticals of Lending, Insurance, E-commerce, and HR. CI offers full-stack solutions from data preparation to ML and deep learning model development. CyborgIntell is primed to make DS-ML-AI highly accessible and scalable for organizations to leverage and accelerate their revenue growth using their data with less expenditure.

CyborgIntell believes in innovation. The company’s data science and engineering team operates round the clock to develop new and cutting-edge technology to empower organizations in resolving their pain-points which can impact business’ top and bottom lines.

CyborgIntell is developing an innovative module – mlCognition, an AI-driven decision engine allowing the user to integrate multiple and different types of ML models, facilitate writing business processes and policies for driving customer-centric personalized decision. mlCognition’s AI agents would automatically measure and evaluate the business-value from policies and endorse the best policies at the customer-level for improved business benefits.