Evolis: Complete Solution Provider For Personalizing Badges And Plastic Cards

CIO Vendor Evolis, the global pioneer, develops, manufactures and markets a wide variety of personalization solutions for plastic cards (personal data printing, encoding options etc.) The organization also sells a wide range of products and services for identifying people and goods: software, accessories, signature pads and services. Since the organization's establishment in 2000, Evolis has stood out for the consistency and durability of its products and services. Ensuring the highest possible product quality at Evolis is a priority and a strong corporate value. While the organization has rigid quality standards at any point of product development and delivery, Evolis has also developed a certified training programme for the employees and partners.

This transition of skills guarantees high-quality business interaction with customers. Evolis' success is also based on the ability to innovate. Every year the organization allocates 4 percent of its revenue to research and development to remain ahead of the competition. Evolis has an in-house team of professional engineers and technicians who collaborate closely with the marketing department, taking a pragmatic approach to meeting market needs to provide consumers with the highest degree of value.

Evolis is known for its scalable, flexible solutions. Each card printer can be modified, at the factory or in the field, as appropriate, to meet the customers' specific needs. The organization accepts all demands, including the unique ones. Once the project feasibility is confirmed, the organization makes every effort to deliver the custom solution the client needs. The design office and production facilities are situated in France, for maximum agility and rapid industrialization. Each year, Evolis wins many new projects around the world.

With more than 90 percent of its turnover generated by international business, Evolis benefits from expert knowledge in the export field. The organization's support solutions rely on the vast distribution network. Through more than 400 official distributors worldwide, Evolis handles projects of varying sizes: local or multinational, multi-site and multi-lingual. The organization's teams are in close contact with the significant players and system integrators on the market, who recognize the quality of the solutions.

Enable Customers to Access Quality and Customize Badges
The ultimate goal of the organization is to enable end-users in various markets to have access to the best quality/performance/ price ratio to customize badges on plastic cards from basic applications such as club cards & badges to those used by the most sophisticated and safe applications, such as bank cards or government records. The organization's solutions range from entrylevel card printers distributed through IT Office channels, mid-segment products to tailor-made upgradable machines that can integrate, if required, advanced encoding technologies, lamination, holograms and many more security features.

Over the last few years, Evolis started to diversify the product portfolio with business solutions, digital signature pads, specific software included in the printers, accessories and services such as warranty extensions, customized training and integration services. Evolis provides the most complete range on the market, whether customers need a portable desktop printer or a system with more advanced features (data encoding,
holograms and lamination) or a self-service printing module. The organization has set up a "Specific Projects" unit that focuses exclusively on the evaluation of the solution.

Success Story and its Implementation
In 2018, The Government of Rajasthan was faced by a big challenge - service delivery of documents like birth certificate, education certificate, caste certificate, Aadhaar card and PAN card. Until then, citizens had to visit service offices, called Atal Seva Kendra or e-Mitra Centres, multiple times to acquire these documents. This led to long queues, heavy delays and erroneous processes. Sensitive data leakage and fraudulent transactions were also on the rise.

To address these challenges, and to ease the process of procuring government documents for citizens and improve e-governance, the state of Rajasthan deployed a automated self-service kiosks across 10,000 gram panchayats in the rural areas of its 23 districts. A customized Evolis Elypso printer, with their own 4 hopper solution, was at the heart of these kiosks, called e-Mitra Plus. The Evolis India team worked with the System Integrator teams to complete execution by delivering 5000 customized Elypso printers in 120 days. The Rajasthan government is now able to deliver a host of services in a sustainable, cost-viable, and efficient manner, especially to the rural and unbanked population, thereby strengthening its e-governance programme further.

Through more than 400 official distributors worldwide, Evolis handles projects of varying sizes: local or multinational, multi-site and multi-lingual

Overall Customer Relationship Management
Evolis has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market, establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of card printers. The organization continues to develop solutions to personalize and improve the security of ID systems. The organization's Technical Support Team is an increasingly important part of an overall customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. Evolis India offers online and offline support to all its customers. This support doesn't just stop with addressing/solving technical issues but also goes beyond by regularly setting up product training and knowledge sessions to the partners to enable their growth as a technical service provider.

The Company is headed into a future that is driven by partnership and innovation, where Evolis sees a massive rise in the Decentralized Issuance of Cards. Growth in the banking sector and the rising adoption of ID cards in the government & manufacturing sectors will largely contribute to the development of this trend. Instant card printing from independent/ self-serving terminals allows companies, banks and even universities to improve the quality of service offered to their customers and members. Adopting self-service terminals for card printing helps rationalize the costs of operations and allows companies to reach more customers.

"As a market leader, our aim is to expand the market for card printers. To achieve this, we are investing in product portfolio, partner and geographical expansion, superior customer service and tangible marketing initiatives", concludes Ganesh Ramamurthy, Managing Director, Evolis India.