Kagaay: Bringing The Needed Disruption In Real Estate Space

CIO Vendor There has been a dramatic change in the market dynamics today. Especially with the outbreak of COVID-19, the adoption of online mediums by people for shopping, learning and entertainment has taken a leap and it's here to stay. With the rapid evolution of technology, gamification methodologies have become imperative in business across industry verticals. This approach helps in hacking the psychodynamic states of human behaviour vis-à-vis solicited response or action. Aso, it breaks the monotonous state or challenges the status quo for a desired action. This is going to be the need of the hour which will significantly change the way we transact online, as it involves the person into the process albeit in a virtual mode. And to speak of India, there is no exception to it and the country has been embracing the online medium faster than ever before.

When it comes to Real estate industry, the expectations are very straight forward, i.e., to move the slow moving Inventory, boost the sales, and Increase the success rate of bookings. However, sluggish Sales cycle which is anywhere between 2 month to 6 months, and lack of financially qualified user base has been a pain for the players in this segment.

Reaping the capabilities of artificial Intelligence, behavioral science and gamification, KAGAAY , which is a PROP TECH Startup is disrupting the real estate market. The company has been playing a crucial role in the industry’s growth bandwagon. For Realtors, KAGAAY is providing faster liquidation of inventory, while on the other hand, for buyers, it gives the right price asset advantage. For the first time a platform is evolving which is for the real estate industry and is neutral giving a WIN-WIN solution to realtors as well as buyers.

“We studied the science behind the Decision to Purchase a Property and Identified the need score of a user. Once a user is onboarded, our gamified approach towards Real Estate sales motivates and encourages the users to grab the deals at exclusive discount rates,” signifies Tushar Desai, CTO at KAGAAY.

Offering a dedicated Realty Sales Enablement Platform
While most of the platforms In the real estate space are discovery platforms, KAGAAY app Is the first dedicated realty sales enablement platform that is addressing the most important need of the sector. They are the pioneers in India who have developed a dynamically intelligent gamification platform for realty sales enablement which is now touted as the prime-play option for faster liquidation for sellers and right price asset advantage for buyers.

“We have enabled our processes to onboard validated builders on our platform and authenticate buyers with regards to their Home Buying
Intentions, Purchasing Power and Financial Eligibility. This allows genuineness being validated from either side, buyer as well as seller with up-right validation and authenticity,” highlights Tushar. Kagaay is designed to cater to global markets and can be customized accordingly. We have the SAAS already enabled and the Enterprise wide Licensing Model is on the way,” he adds.

Brain Behind KAGAAY’s Success
Deepak Bhikanrao More, Chairman and Co-Founder, is retired wing commander of the Indian Air Force. He has a master’s degree in sociology from the Kanpur University. He served the Indian Air Force for 22 years. During his service, he was commended twice by chief of the air staff for his hard work, and innovative ideas towards improvement of quality life of soldiers and their family members with untiring dedication towards his duties.

For Realtors, KAGAAY is providing faster liquidation of inventory, while on the other hand, for buyers, it gives the right price asset advantage

Now, he is an entrepreneur by obsession and a realtor by choice. After successfully marketing more than 50 lacssq.ft of residential and commercial properties across India, he ventured into the world of real estate development, construction and marketing in March 2016 with commander estate developers (CED). He is currently the chairman and chief visionary at the CED Group of companies. Having started as the Managing Director in the year 2016, he has overseen Commander Estate Developers grow into one of the premier real estate companies.

While speaking about Tushar, he is the ex Co-Founder, and Director IT solutions at Emmersive Infotech in Digital Media and Entertainment domain. He also previously worked as Manager Product Development at BMC Software India. Also, he was Sr. Software Engineer (Testing) at Avaya India and Sr. Team Leader QA at eGain. Furthermore, he has also played a role of Sr. Associates Projects at Cognizant Technologies Pune.

The core of Vision and Mission
From inception itself, KAGAAY follows the routes of affordable housing and connecting citizens across the world, with the help of technology-driven platforms, and giving them the power to purchase the best suitable property at the price of their choice and budget. They have been delivering quality real estate projects and looking after all end to end services in the realty industry. They have been on a mission to introduce and maintain automation and transparency in the real estate industry; digitizing services for avoiding human and middlemen intervention and ensuring crystal clarity in the provided services.