Lesoko Drone Technology Services: Ensuring Productivity Via Prominent Quality Endorsements

CIO Vendor Drones and aerial surveillance is one of the trending concepts that develops a lot of buzz all over the world. Furnishing aerial data through drone survey and mapping is proficient, pocket friendly and accurate. There are many drone technological implementations across several sectors for various industrial applications. An aggregate field of vision for the performance of drone technology is being looked upon by industry experts now. It allows businesses to make mindful decisions more cost effectively and efficiently regarding significant assets.

India, a developing country, is still experimenting in the business sector to implement drone technology. It is high time that drone technology is put into a proper use which will help companies handle any scale of projects efficiently with maximum increase in production. Lesoko Drone Technology Services is providing drone tech services, power projects and agriculture projects. First and foremost, the company is looking at the major growth sectors of the nation that are in urge of assistance by the drone technology and its execution.

Subsequently, Lesoko Technologies provides end to end solutions starting from Land Survey facilitating clients achieve optimised & efficient designs, Project Management from the beginning till the completion of the project, managing manpower, workflow and activities on a daily basis ensuring productivity. Nonstop security surveillance monitoring the plant day and night, thereby reducing 30-40% cost on security and increasing the efficiency of surveillance, Solar panel Thermal Inspection for defective panel identification and Post completion survey for quality analysis.

Years of implementing Drone services solutions have endowed the company with many success stories. “One of our customers had a problem statement of surveying & digitizing individual buildings for rooftop solar installations on 1500 locations that is spread across an entire state, which we completed in a staggering 45 days timeline, which would consume 4-6 months with manual methodology.” Abel Mathew, Founder & CEO at Lesoko Technologie- The Drone Company.

Implementing Continues Surveillance
Furthermore, Lesoko is a drone based data analytics startup located in Chennai and having its operations PAN India, in various industrial verticals like solar and infrastructure. The organization performs fast with cost effective topographic surveys for accurate data acquisition it processes the acquired data for estimating the scale of operation and enhances data projection which allows the clients for better comprehension of operating performance. Thus, organizing the inventory better, saving time and heavy monitoring cost of the clients.
Significantly, Lesoko was founded in the year 2018 with primary focus of delivering affordable drone based industrial solutions, in the past years the growth in solar industry has been significant, the growth also brought in a lot of competition, solar market players were aggressive on bidding which made solar sector a highly lean sector, the organization strongly believes that when a sector is lean, it needs smart technology to stay much leaner.

That is how the organization got into the solar sector solving key problem statements. There is a complete range of services that Lesoko offers its clients while providing the perfect and optimized drone tech solutions for any kind of industrial application according to the requirements. “Theft is a major issue on large scale solar plants during the construction phase, one of our customers had theft issues very frequently, we implemented a 24/7 full surveillance thereby controlling theft completely” signifies Abel Mathew.

There is a complete range of services that Lesoko offers its clients while providing the perfect and optimized drone tech solutions for any kind of industrial application according to the requirements

Moreover, Lesoko has an open work culture, where feedback is taken from all levels in the organization. The team is a mix of expert domain and passionate engineers from any background who are willing to go an extra mile to get things done with the attitude to learn. Self development programs have been established to all the employees enhancing their skill sets in various interdisciplinary domains facilitating them in contributing to cross functional tasks productively and efficiently.

Presently the company is customizing and assembling drones as per the industrial standards. The company started developing drones for various applications to the solar industry, which would make a huge difference in the way of project monitoring and surveillance and can be scaled and implemented to other industries as well.

It is looking forward to developing fully automated self learning drones with AI and vision intelligence for each specific industry with niche use cases. “Right from the start we were focused on having a revenue centric business model which helped us remain stable even during adverse situations like pandemic and simultaneously we kept growing on a steady phase. We are looking to raise funds for exponential and aggressive growth” concludes Abel Mathew.