Magmasoft: Flag Bearers In Casting Process Simulation

As per a credible report, nearly 90 percent of the defects in components are due to mistakes in design where the costs to change the design can be unimaginable. Also, foundries relying on the traditional trial-and-error methods of the past to design casting processes are finding it more and more challenging to compete, due to the lack of quick response capabilities to customer requirements, inaccuracy and long lead times. Hence because of this, casting simulation has become an imperative industry standard in the foundry space to seamlessly carry out the entire process of casting with increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

While we speak of robust and innovative casting solutions, without mentioning MAGMASOFT would be incomplete. This Germany headquartered company incepted in 1988 has been on the forefront of evolution in casting process simulation with more than 30 years of industry experience. By combining casting process knowledge with simulation competence, MAGMASOFT has been catering to the players in the foundry industry, across the globe to seamlessly optimize casting processes so as to bring in efficiency and productivity in operations.

MAGMASOFT has been catering to the players in the foundry industry, across the globe to seamlessly optimize casting processes

If we talk about India, it is the second largest foundry industry in the world when it comes to foundry production. But however, 80-90 percent are MSMEs or Small and Medium Foundries. Hence looking at the current scenario, MAGMASOFT has been on a mission to offer these MSMEs and SMEs to adopt best-in- standard technology and compete with the bigger players in the foundry industry.

A benchmark for Simulation Software
Casting process simulation with MAGMASOFT aids in the casting design process by allowing designers to determine the manufacturability, final properties, and estimated costs associated with the production of a given casting design early in the design process. By analyzing potential defects early in the design phase, the costs associated with eliminating these defects are also greatly reduced.

To name a few benefits of using MAGMASOFT’s casting process simulation enables leaps in innovation, as it allows for the consideration of the economic feasibility of proposed designs. It can also quickly analyze various proposed design alternatives to make decisions such as whether a feature on a casting should be cast as part of the design or if it should be machined in later.

Moreover, it allows designers to optimize designs by ensuring the desired material properties without maintaining excessive safety margins, i.e., casting weights can be reduced. Also, it identifies any potential defect early by using filling and solidification simulations.

Bringing in the needed Flexibility
MAGMA’s portfolio consists of various products and sub-products, wherein MAGMASOFT as a whole has a complete perpetual license suite.
Apart from this, they also bring in flexibility through different types of licenses for its clients who just want to use it for a certain amount of time. They have a rental license, wherein, one can rent it as per their requirements. Also, there are leasing options where customers can make payment over a span of three years. Thus enabling every player, big or small, to empower themselves with MAGMA’s products.

“The manufacturers who hardly have 5-10 simulations or products being developed in a month, we have something called a pre-post license, where the customer only pays when they simulate. They don't even require a fancy hardware, or a fancy Hi-fi CPU to run all of this. This will just require a normal system with a good internet connection, so as to share the data and then download the data that is sent by us,” explains Srikanth NS Addala, General Manager, MAGMA Engineering India. “This is a very cost-effective package for small scale industry players who still want to get benefitted from our software and get their business to the next level with an affordable investment,” he adds.

Delivering Value added Services
The company has something called MAGMA academy, which is exclusively for educational institutions and universities. With this, the company is striding towards making students' futures ready by helping them understand the business avenues in the foundry industry. Students can pick simulation technology as an elective subject in their engineering and help them make a career in this space. “We are associating ourselves with IIT Tirupati, and National Institute of Foundry and Forging Technology (NIFFT), and are in the process of getting a software into their curriculum, so that the students can also benefit out of this technology, and be ready by the time they pass out form their universities,” highlights Srikanth.

A Perfect combination of Advanced Technology and Robust Team
“We are the trendsetters in the industry of the simulation world, and the reason why we are still topping charts is because of the team that MAGMASOFT has across the globe. Our people are the ones which drive the company ahead. Technology is one part of it, but human resources are the ones who are loyal and dedicated to the task they do and hence we call them multi role combat fighters,” signifies Srikanth.

The prime importance why people prefer MAGMASOFT as a benchmark in simulation software is firstly because of the technology and its accuracy, secondly is their team of experts, and last but not the least, the kind of after-sales support that they provide customers to make sure the operations are carried out seamlessly.

“We have never taken things for granted and always stay abreast of changing trends and technology advancements. In Q1 of 2021, we are going to release version 5.5, which will have numerous advanced features. With this product launch, the world of simulation will never be the same again,” he concludes.