mPHATEK: Building A Legacy Of True Digital Transformation

CIO Vendor mPHATEK is one of the key strategic partners to various leading Banks, Financial, Insurance, logistics, transportation, Governments & Defence agencies, and Retail Institutions offering cutting edge enterprise solutions and services on diverse Web Technologies, Cloud, Mobile Technologies, Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Augmented reality. mPHATEK is a NASSCOM member, registered Salesforce and Microsoft silver partner. mPHATEK is strongly placed in the entire ecosystem of digital transformation and offers an assortment of innovative IT products and solutions to complement the digital journey of its customers.

Throwing light on the organization’s digital transformation endeavors, Prasad Sathe, CEO of mPHATEK says, “Transformation is perpetual reality in today’s digital world and technology in fact is transforming us more than itself. Our behaviours, our approach, our mind-set has gone through 360 degrees transformation in the past couple of years with surge of Digital platforms that are backed with AI and ML engines. We at mPHATEK function as a change ready organization and thrive to reinvent with this emerging transformation demands. We strive for innovation that helps our Customers to achieve competitive advantages with agility at core.”

The Key to True Digital Transformation
Digital transformation requires more than simply integrating new digital technologies. True digital transformation translates to overhauling processes, rearchitecting operations and reimagining products and services. But are companies truly considering the customer in their digital strategies? Companies that successfully execute customer experience strategy as a core part of their digital transformation end up reinventing what they do and how they do it for the customer.

In this regard, there is a constant seeking of data CRM activities to work upon and to improve customer experiences. mPHATEK accordingly has helped in formulating and implementing a CRM strategy for its customers which in turn helped them to improve their customer connectedness, retention, their productivity and profitability.

Firstly, Salesforce cloud solution has been instrumental in steering through this journey. As a Salesforce partner, mPHATEK has a highly skilled team of certified Salesforce consultants and a wide range of domain expertise and technical excellence in the numerous areas of Salesforce including the development of Enterprise Apps on, CRM Migration, Implementation, Maintenance, Integration, and Consulting.

More so, mPHATEK has leveraged this broad Salesforce expertise to handle complex Salesforce implementations for various industries. The firm helps to transform enterprises, streamline the way they connect with prospects and customers, automate and track sales, service, and marketing activities, optimize employee collaboration and build custom applications to fit business needs. mPHATEK also helps in integrating Salesforce with in-house Line business applications and On Prem/ Cloud third-party systems.

This includes interfacing with third-party applications, building bi-directional data transfers into Salesforce. mPHATEK carries experience to synchronize external data with Salesforce solutions, facilitating seamless data mapping and data management between Salesforce data and external data sources.

Moreover, since mPHATEK is strongly placed in the entire ecosystem of
digital transformation, it offers a bouquet of innovative IT products and solutions to complement the digital journey of its customers. Canary, DR Automation, Data Fusion Analytics, OCR Solution, Pipal CRM, DOSTO, mDeploy, and Visual Analytics, are some of the in-house solutions designed to deliver complete digital transformation to its clients.

Future with New Age Technologies
With the pandemic having set back a few business processes, adopting and implementing new technology accelerators will be the key in 2021. mPHATEK will work around this idea focusing more on Cloud Migration, Data Science & Analytics, and AI & ML. The CTO, Arvind Bandgar says, “Digital transformation will take business to new level. This involves enhanced operational efficiency, anticipate customer current & future needs, and ensuring optimum cost.

mPHATEK Digital Transformation enablement services and solutions will help organization to address this in three key elements of future technology – Data Science, Cloud Migration, AI & ML.” Explaining the preparedness of mPHATEK to drive new technologies in digital transformation, the Head of Sales, Angsuman Deb says, “mPHATEK is a vibrant company, possesses right blend of leading technologies and domain expertise along with capacity, scalability to deliver on emerging transformation demands in space of Data Science, Cloud, AI, ML”.

mPHATEK is strongly placed in the entire ecosystem of digital transformation, it offers a bouquet of innovative IT products and solutions

mPHATEK has navigated more than 5+ years of Journey. It all started with a casual chat of four individuals to stake their careers and boot strapping to form mPHATEK. Starting with a humble beginning in a 2 bedroom apartment, mPHATEK now has 250+ people on board, working top notch solutions, driving digital growth for its customer and having it’s footprint in more than 5 geographies. It has now office in South Africa, Africa, UAE, Canada, and Australia. “The journey so far has been challenging to say the least with lots of roadblocks, but it has certainly been satisfying, fulfilling, and rewarding. As we continue to advance further, we would venture into new domain, technologies, and regions. We thank all those who have supported, believed, encouraged and contributed in this journey”, concludes Prasad.