Pixelvide: Facilitating Enhanced Governance Via Sustainable Innovations

CIO Vendor Government organizations feel the pressure of modern technological advancements. With the expectations of customers to provide an engaging platform and the burden to sustain business’s growth, government enterprises look for a perfectly harmonized solution. When the only constant is change, adopting an agile mindset and culture of innovation creates new opportunities to transform government organizations.

Pixelvide is a smart governance organization offering innovative governance models by simplifying the applications of digital technology in order to provide flexibility and scalability. Its solutions expertly streamline processes, lower costs as well as improve documentation and record-keeping in government organizations. It provides a platform where processes and technologies can directly engage the citizen with greater information to improve transparency, accountability and participation.

Initially, Pixelvide started its journey in the Fin-Tech space of the government to help governments with efficient expenditure management and payroll management. Additionally, in the last couple of years Pixelvide has built and implemented one of India’s finest financial management and information system (FMIS) solutions. This system automates expenditure management, ways & means control, revenue management and budget planning for governments. Following this success, Pixelvide has further forayed into multiple horizons in the government space.

Presently, Pixelvide is working towards implementation of Advance Metering Infrastructure through the installation of communication devices with built-in intelligence (modems) for the existing energy meters in order to regulate and study energy consumption patterns of consumers. This will further help achieve an efficient and reliable electricity distribution system, reduce energy costs, enable demand-side management and cut carbone missions.
What makes the organization different from others is it’s young and enthusiastic professionals who have been selected from the best colleges in the country. The out of the box thought process that flows everyday helps design new and innovative solutions to help bring about changes inside the government. They have a team of young dedicated engineers, committed to the relentless pursuit of differentiation and quality in order to be the go-to product engineering company across all the stages of the client’s product life cycle. It's not just the professional approach that makes the firm tickbut a healthy work-life balance that helps Pixelvide succeed. The ever-evolving attitude, quick learning capacity and updated knowledge are the attributes that help the firm reach the goals of delivering efficient, accurate and reliable solution to the problems.

Pixelvide has built and implemented one of India’s finest financial management and information system (FMIS) solutions

In the future Pixelvide is looking forward to venture into different types of verticals like automated traffic management solutions, efficient land administration systems and state of the art identity authentication applications. Further, it desires to work in the water networks area, urban planning and education system of the government to aid them with better efficiency and transferability in succession to provide better administration to the public for the society.

In the long run the company wants to continue working in the government space and provide innovative technology based solutions for challenges that exist inside the government. “ Truth be told, there are very few companies in the government space doing what we do and with the kind of technology we are using, there’s definitely no one doing it the way we are.” signifies Prathyush Reddy, Founder-CEO at Pixelvide.