Qualtech Consultants: Leveraging Domain Expertise And New-Age Technologies To Deliver Better Business Outcomes

CIO Vendor For everything that changed in 2020, one thing that stayed the same was the importance of technology for business success. In fact, the importance grew as organizations had to quickly restructure their operations to support a remote workforce, improve flexibility and resiliency in a turbulent time period. Heading into 2021, it is certain that technology will continue to play a pivotal role in determining business success. As more and more organizations jump onboard the digital bandwagon, companies such as Qualtech Consultants are perfectly poised and focused on helping them build trust and consumer engagement.

Recognized as a leading provider of innovative software products and services for enterprises and disruptive startups, Noida-based Qualtech Consultants Pvt. Ltd., offers integrated IT solutions to its global customer base. Manish Kankani, Founder & CEO, reveals the company’s USPs while underlining some of the highpoints of the Qualtech growth story and hinting at the future course of the company as well.

Founded in 2003 as an IT solutions company, Qualtech Consultants is recognized as a leading provider of innovative software products and services for large enterprises and disruptive startups across the globe. The key factor in the company’s growth has been it’s ability to leverage emerging technology trends in providing the most effective technology solution to it’s discerning customers.

“While Fintech word has been coined recently, it has been our DNA right from the beginning. We have been leveraging technology to help financial services companies provide better solutions to their customers, in terms of nature of products at offer, customer experience and efficient customer service,” shares Manish Kankani, Founder & CEO, Qualtech Consultants. The first mobile app of the company was launched way before smartphones penetrated the mass market and became everyday phenomena enabling various kinds of end-user transactions.

Leveraging Technology to deliver Scalable & Reliable Business Application Solutions
Qualtech is helping Insurance & Lending organizations at different stages undertake digital transformation by working closely with them. The company is helping its global customer base leverage recent advancements in technologies like mobile, cloud, RPA, AI & ML etc. in providing them with ease of onboarding & servicing their customers while improving their operational efficiency & controls. By creating new applications on cloud platforms like that of AWS & Azure the company helps organizations scale up rapidly while providing their customers with seamless functionality and time savings.

For Lending Customers, (Banks & NBFCs) the company has its flagship offering miFIN which is a multi-product lending & leasing platform for retail as well as corporate loans/leases. miFIN’s comprehensive, platform takes care of a lending organisation across its growth journey right from the startup phase to becoming an enterprise," he asserts. The company has also been quick to realize that collaboration & ecosystem play is the key to provide a differentiated service offering to its customers. Qualtech’s ability to provide an integrated platform through powerful API integrations with multiple partners gives it a competitive edge.

“In the coming days, consumers who need financial services are likely to opt for those companies which can offer bouquet of flexible products to
chose from, and ease of transactions that are entirely safe and secure,” points out Manish Kankani. According to him, to address such consumer needs, banks have to turn to technology for digitalizing their existing platforms.

While most companies are still learning about DevOps, Qualtech has already been using it on various products and implementing it for client projects. For sustaining high quality deliveries and services the company has been using a variety of tools for functional, automation and performance testing.

Training and Development to Build Better Tech Platforms
Believing deeply in training and development, Qualtech has made significant investments in the learning & development of its team members. Training sessions keep happening regularly for new, advanced technologies, making sure that every individual in the team is equipped with the working knowledge of latest technologies. "In the last few years, Qualtech has taken some major steps to further enable learning by roping in external coaches to help at various levels of leadership training. We have designed specific curriculum for our engineers, Leads, and Managers, to help them play their role more effectively and improve on their leadership skills," explains Kankani.

Qualtech is helping Insurance & Lending organizations at different stages undertake digital transformation by working closely with them

Great teams at work
Apart from technology, the CEO also stresses the company’s people and philosophy of working with customers and partners - the ownership that the company takes in whatever work it does, as a key differentiator.

Significantly, most members of the senior management team have been working at Qualtech for more than a decade. Whatever is the changing trend especially in the financial services industry, the company’s domain experts and tech architects keep themselves updated, and are able to help the customers in adapting to and adopting the new technology trends. The company has also augmented the core tech team with some new additions from the industry in certain key technology areas to support it’s fast growing customers base.

The approach and the ownership-driven attitude that the team has, which helps to develop trust-based relationship with customers, is in his view a much bigger USP than the technology prowess itself. “We consider our customers as long-term partners - they continue to rely on us and we continue to grow with them,” emphasizes Manish Kankani.

The Way Forward
Presently, Qualtech is expanding its strength in digital technologies and is also working on creating 4th generation of miFIN platform, “Evolution in technology is a continuum. So we are working to use the cloud and recent digital technologies to provide much more Intelligent and integrated application ecosystem for our Customers that should equip our customers in identifying & predicting the potential challenges that the customers may face in future, and using that knowledge to reduce their potential future problems,” assures Ashish Srivastava – Chief Operating Officer - Qualtech.

As Qualtech expands its wings to touch new horizons, it stays true to its founding philosophy – Fascination for Technology & Commitment towards Customers.